Mission Statement

WVIA Public Media is a catalyst, convener and educator, using media, partnerships, powerful ideas and programs to improve lives and advance the best attributes of an enlightened society.

Vision Statement

“WVIA touches lives, influences opinion, and noticeably impacts on matters of public interest and concern, through measurably significant, differentiated local and national television and radio broadcast products and wvia.org, as well as outreach projects and educational services. Grounded in the concepts of lifelong learning, the arts, culture and quality of life, the WVIA staff relentlessly pursues excellence and relevance. We will develop future programs and services in collaboration with strategically chosen organizations successfully serving Northeastern Pennsylvania and the Central Susquehanna Valley. WVIA will grow in revenue, independence, recognition and coverage, achieving significant public service by continuously improving relationships with members, underwriters, partners and our communities.”

FCC online TV Station Profiles and Public Inspection Files

WVIA By-Laws
Icon WVIA Diversity Policy (117.9 KB)

Icon 2013-2014 Diversity & Inclusion Report (247.1 KB)
WVIA-TV Contour Map
WVIA-TV/PBS Agreement
WVIA-TV Membership (Donor) File

Icon WVIA-TV Local Content and Service Report - 2014 (5.7 MB)

WVIA-TV Political File

WVIA Public Media is a 501c(3) not-for-profit organization that adheres to all federal, state and local laws. WVIA will also comply with the Corporation for Public Broadcasting guidelines for list activities. These guidelines require WVIA to annually certify compliance with laws and regulations of the Internal Revenue Service regarding tax-exempt status, and with all federal laws and regulations governing political activity and lobbying.

Issues and programs lists
2014 Quarterly Reports
2013 Quarterly Reports
2012 Quarterly Reports
2011 Quarterly Reports
2010 Quarterly Reports
2009 Quarterly Reports
2008 Quarterly Reports
2007 Quarterly Reports

Icon 2014/2015 EEO Public File Report Part 1 (11.0 KB)

Icon 2014/2015 EEO Public File Report Part 2 (15.0 KB)

Icon 2014/2015 EEO Public File Report Part 3 (108.9 KB)


Icon IRS Form 990 for fiscal year ended June 30, 2013. (1.5 MB)

Icon IRS Form 990 for fiscal year ended June 30, 2012. (16.7 MB)
Icon Financial Statements for years ended June 30, 2013 and 2012 (587.4 KB)
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For information about WVIA's AFR, contact Lynn Volk at lynnvolk@wvia.org

WVIA Board of Directors
Board Members
WVIA Board of Directors Meeting dates & times: Thursday, June 11, 2015 at 12pm.

All meetings are scheduled to occur at the WVIA Public Media Studios.

Icon Minutes from December 2014 Meeting (342.6 KB)

Icon Minutes from October 2014 Meeting (491.8 KB)

Icon Minutes from June 2014 Meeting (386.2 KB)

Icon Minutes from March 2014 Meeting (283.6 KB)
Icon Minutes from December 2013 Meeting (416.1 KB)
Icon Minutes from October 2013 Meeting (145.2 KB)
Icon Minutes from June 2013 Meeting (130.3 KB)

There are no meetings of the Executive Committee of the WVIA Board of Directors scheduled at this time.

WVIA Community Advisory Board
The WVIA Community Advisory Board is a group of volunteers from throughout our region who assist WVIA in responding to community needs by helping to identify important public affairs issues. The CAB meets 2-3 times a year to review and discuss WVIA programming. The chairperson or other designee reports to the WVIA Board of Trustees annually on whether programming policies are meeting the educational and cultural needs of the communities we serve.
Icon Community Advisory Board Members (46.7 KB)

Icon Minutes from January 2015 Meeting (19.2 KB)

Icon Minutes from September 2014 Meeting (18.3 KB)

Icon Minutes from May 2014 Meeting (100.4 KB)

Icon Minutes from January 2014 Meeting (68.4 KB)
Icon Minutes from May 2013 Meeting (49.4 KB)
Icon Minutes from January 2013 Meeting (45.4 KB)
Icon Minutes from September 2012 Meeting (52.4 KB)

The next meeting of the WVIA Community Advisory Board is scheduled to be held Thursday, May 21, 2015 at 12pm at WVIA Public Media Studios.

Unless otherwise indicated, all meetings are at the WVIA Public Media Studios, 100 Wvia Way, Pittston, PA. Meetings of WVIA's Board of Trustees, Board Committees and Community Advisory Board are generally open to the public.

Any member of the public may attend any open meeting for the purpose of observing the meeting. Members of the public are not required to register their names with WVIA or provide WVIA with any other information as a condition of attendance. However, visitors may be asked to provide ID to building security at some meeting locations. In addition, WVIA does require that members of the public observe a few simple rules so that meetings proceed in an orderly way:
1. Visitors will be seated on a first-come, first-served basis until all seats available to the public have been occupied. Visitors may not reserve seats for others. All visitors should be in their seats by the start of the meeting.
2. Visitors should not leave their seats unless they exit the meeting room. Visitors who leave their seats and exit the meeting room will not be reseated.
3. Visitors may attend the meeting as observers only. They may not address the trustees, speak out or otherwise attempt to participate in or to interrupt or delay the meeting.
4. Visitors are not permitted to photograph or record the proceedings.
5. Visitors who violate any of these rules will promptly be asked to leave this meeting and not to return.

Certain meetings, or portions of meetings may be closed to the public to address matters relating to individual employment, proprietary information, litigation and other matters requiring the confidential advice of counsel, commercial or financial information obtained from a person on a privileged or confidential basis, or the purchase of property or services whenever the premature exposure of such purchase would compromise the business interests of WVIA.

It is the policy of WVIA to comply with the open meetings requirement for public broadcast stations as set forth in the Communications Act of 1934, as amended. 47 USC § 396(k)(4). Nothing in this policy may be deemed to require WVIA to do more than is required by law.

SCHEDULE OF MEETINGS: Please note time and location are subject to last minute changes; confirm with Sarah Marie Thomas at (570) 602-1162 before attending.

Donor Privacy Policy
When you make a contribution to WVIA through the secure online form, mail correspondence or by phone, your name, contact information, and all contribution information is maintained in secure physical locations and/or on secure servers. From time to time, WVIA may publish a list of donors (for example, as part of our Annual Report.) This listing may indicate a monetary range into which each donor's gift falls. If you wish to be excluded from any such listing, contact us as indicated below. Except as required by law or regulation, in no event will WVIA provide specific donation information to any third party without the donor's consent. Note that WVIA is required to disclose the identity of all donors who provide direct funding for any television program produced by WVIA. Information on specific donations to WVIA from institutions who themselves publicly disclose such information (for instance, foundations reporting on IRS Form 990) may be provided by WVIA to third parties as a matter of convenience.

Member List Sharing Policy
Long-term support from our individual members is critical to fulfilling WVIA’s mission of community service. Maintaining and preserving a strong, trusting relationship with our members is key to this vital source of support. WVIA maintains lists of names, addresses, giving history, programming interests and other pertinent data for those who have supported us financially or otherwise have indicated an interest in our organization's programming or activities. As policy, WVIA does not sell or exchange its list with any other organization. On occasion, WVIA provides its list to vendors who conduct work WVIA. Vendors are required to maintain the confidentiality of WVIA’s files and to adhere to a policy of not exchanging, selling, or otherwise disclosing the organization's lists. It is WVIA’s intention to retain the trust of its donors, members, viewers and listeners through this policy.

Commenting Policy
For reference: WVIA reserves the right to delete comments that contain:

  • offensive language;
  • personal attacks;
  • improper comments that target any ethnic, racial, or religious group;
  • spam or include certain links to other sites; or
  • are clearly off topic.

Closed Captioning
For Closed Captioning concerns, please contact our captioning hotline:
Phone:  (570) 602-1141
Fax: (570) 655-1180
Email: joejoyce@wvia.org 
We will make every effort to respond or otherwise resolve your inquiry within 24 hours or 1 business day.

Written Closed Captioning complaints should be directed to the following:
Joe Joyce
100 WVIA Way
Pittston, PA 18640-6197

Before sending a formal written complaint, we recommend you first contact our captioning hotline.  We may be able to resolve your problem immediately without the need for a formal complaint.  In any event, we will respond to your complaint within 30 days.

Closed Captioning Quality Certification
All programming provided by WVIA Public Media adheres to the closed captioning requirements established by the Federal Communications Commission as embodied in 47 C.F.R. § 79.1, including regulations concerning closed captioning quality. Programming provided by WVIA Public Media adheres to these regulations by either: (i) satisfying the caption quality standards set forth in 47 C.F.R. § 79.1(j)(2); (ii) adopting and following the “Video Programmer Best Practices” set forth in 47 C.F.R. § 79.1(k)(1); or (iii) being subject to one or more of the captioning exemptions set forth in 47 C.F.R. § 79.1(d), including programming for which the audio is in a language other than English or Spanish and that is not scripted programming that can be captioned using the “electronic news room” technique; interstitial material, promotional announcements, and public service announcements that are 10 minutes or less in duration; and/or programming that consists primarily of non-vocal music.

If you need assistance accessing the Public File, please contact Joe Glynn at (570) 602-1170 or joeglynn@wvia.org during regular business hours (weekdays 9am-4:30pm)

WVIA Public Media
100 WVIA Way
Pittston, PA 18640
Main Phone Numbers: (570) 826-6144 or (570) 344-1244



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