What We Know About The Alleged Planned Parenthood Shooter

Last Updated by Eyder Peralta on

Robert Dear lived off the grid and the those who knew him described a troubled man who preferred solitude. Police say Dear opened fire at a Planned Parenthood center, killing three and wounding nine.

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Baltimore Residents Wary As Freddie Gray Trials Slated To Begin

Last Updated by Jennifer Ludden on

The city braces for the trials of six police officers charged in the death of the unarmed black man who suffered a fatal spinal injury after his arrest and transport in a police van last April.

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Native American Tribe Bets On Olive Oil

Last Updated by Lisa Morehouse on

Once impoverished, California's Yocha Dehe tribe found success with a casino complex. Now the tribe is using its newfound wealth to grow, bottle and sell premium olive oil.

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Loneliness May Warp Our Genes, And Our Immune Systems

Last Updated by Angus Chen on

Loneliness takes a toll on many aspects of health, in part because it activates a fight -or-flight immune response. That may have helped ancestors survive lonely exile, but can slowly kill us today.

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Wladimir Klitschko's Heavyweight Reign Ends With Loss To Tyson Fury

Posted by Camila Domonoske on

In an upset, British challenger Fury beat the Ukrainian boxing star-- heavyweight champion of the world for 9 1/2 years — on points Saturday, taking the WBA, IBF and WBO titles.

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Payoffs For Prediction: Could Markets Help Identify Terrorism Risk?

Posted by NPR Staff on

In a terror prediction market, people would bet real money on the likelihood of attacks. NPR's Scott Simon speaks with Stephen Carter about whether such a market could predict — and deter — attacks.

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A Day Later, Details Emerge On Planned Parenthood Shooting

Last Updated by Nathan Rott on

NPR's Nathan Rott gives the latest rundown on the gunman who shot a Planned Parenthood facility in Colorado Springs.

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As Americans Increasingly Bypass Malls, What's To Become Of Black Friday?

Last Updated on

Is Black Friday no longer a thing? Bloomberg retail columnist Shelly Banjo talks about Black Friday results and how shopping trends are changing.

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Barbershop: Black Friday, Black Lives Matter And Social 'Cuffing'

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The talk in the Barbershop this week is about Black Friday, Black Lives Matter and social "cuffing." Wesley Lowery, national reporter at The Washington Post, Katie Notopoulos, a senior editor at Buzzfeed, and Jozen Cummings, an editorial associate at Twitter, join the conversation.

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From Trembling Teacher To Seasoned Mentor: How Tim Gunn Made It Work

Last Updated by NPR Staff on

Gunn, the mentor to young designers on Project Runway, has been a teacher and educator for decades. But he spent his childhood "absolutely hating, hating, hating, hating school," he says.

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Metallica's Robert Trujillo On His Hero, Jaco Pastorius

Last Updated by NPR Staff on

"People tried to call him just a jazz cat, but he was beyond that." Trujillo speaks with Michel Martin about a new documentary on the man sometimes called the Hendrix of the bass.

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Osceola At The 50-Yard Line

Last Updated by Jacki Lyden on

The Seminole Tribe of Florida works with Florida State University to ensure it that its football team accurately presents Seminole traditions and imagery.

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'Purple Rain' — As Retold In A Language Without A Word For Purple

Last Updated by NPR Staff on

Prince's '80s-era classic has gotten a modern update — in Niger. Directed by Christopher Kirkley, starring the nomadic Tuareg people, this Purple Rain remake drops the kissing but keeps the attitude.

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The Mood In Chicago, A City Seized By Protests Over Police Shootings

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The city of Chicago has been shaken by the release of a video showing a police officer shoot and kill Laquan McDonald. That comes as neighborhoods continue to endure gun violence. Chicago Sun Times columnist Laura Washington and Chicago pastor Corey Brooks talk about how communities have responded.

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Planned Parenthood Shooting Suspect Robert Lewis Dear To Appear In Court Monday

Posted by Bill Chappell on

The man arrested after a deadly attack and standoff at a Planned Parenthood clinic in Colorado Springs Friday is Robert Lewis Dear, 57, officials confirm.

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