'End Of The Tour': An Unauthorized 'Anti-Biopic' Of David Foster Wallace

Updated by Joel Rose at

Instead of telling the author's life story, the film (which the Wallace estate does not approve of) focuses on five days in 1996 during the publicity tour for Infinite Jest.

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Mullah Omar's Death Confirmed. Remembered For Giving His All To The Taliban

Updated at

Mullah Omar is credited with uniting many of the group's disparate factions and provided safe haven to Osama bin Laden. But little was known about the man. Renee Montagne talks to author Ahmed Rashid.

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People Who Text While Walking Develop Protective Shuffle

Updated at

A study finds text-walkers go 25 percent slower than the flow and high step over curbs. Researchers call it "adopting a protective gait pattern."

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Movie Review: 'Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation'

Updated by Kenneth Turan at

The Mission Impossible franchise has been good to Tom Cruise — raking in more than $2 billion in world-wide box office receipts. Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation is the fifth film in the series.

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Are Donald Trump's Pockets Deep Enough To Fund His Campaign?

Updated by Peter Overby at

Trump says he's rich enough to pay for his own White House bid. But the billion-dollar-plus price tag might be tough, even for him.

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Here's How To Identify Sounds You Hear In Nature

Updated at

Morning Edition seeks the sounds of animals from listeners' backyards for a new series about decoding nature. Scientists at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology will help identify animals in the recordings.

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Major Bambi: Meet The Marine Who Was Disney's Famous Fawn

Updated by NPR Staff at

A gritty Marine, Donnie Dunagan fought in the Vietnam War and earned decorations for his service. But all his life, there was one thing this commander could never escape: He was the voice of Bambi.

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Great White Shark Keeps Swimmer From Desired Goal

Updated at

Simon Dominguez jumped in the water near the Golden Gate Bridge — attempting to be the first person to swim 28 miles to the Farallon Islands. He was very close and then a shark fin appeared.

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IOC Awards Beijing 2022 Olympic Winter Games

Updated by Tom Goldman at

With the selection over the Kazakh city Almaty, Beijing will become the first city to host both winter and summer games. Beijing hosted the 2008 Summer Games.

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Summer Olympics 2008 Host Beijing Awarded 2022 Winter Games

Updated by Renee Montagne at

The International Olympic Committee has selected Beijing as the host city for the 2022 Winter Olympics. It's the first city ever to host both summer and winter games.

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Why Peer Pressure Doesn't Add Up To Retirement Savings

Updated by Shankar Vedantam at

People often do what their neighbors do. A firm decided to get more people to sign up for retirement plans by telling employees how many of their coworkers had signed up. What happened next?

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Remembering When Driverless Elevators Drew Skepticism

Updated by Steve Henn at

These days, the idea of a driverless car makes a lot of people nervous. Our Planet Money team goes back in time when automatic elevators made people just as worried.

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Death Of Beloved Lion Heats Up Criticism Of Big Game Hunting

Updated by Jackie Northam at

The killing of Cecil the lion in Zimbabwe has highlighted big game hunting. Hunters legally kill more than 600 African lions every year. More than half the tourists hunting in Africa are American.

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In Cambodia, Rats Are Being Trained To Sniff Out Land Mines And Save Lives

Updated by Michael Sullivan at

An estimated 4 to 6 million land mines are scattered throughout Cambodia, one of the world's worst-affected places. Rats possessing an exceptional sense of smell are being trained to detect the mines.

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In Michigan, A Testing Ground For A Future Of Driverless Cars

Updated by Jason Margolis at

Automakers and researchers are using a 32-acre fake city at the University of Michigan to simulate a real-world environment for autonomous vehicles. How will such cars affect urban planning?

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In Report, Justice Accuses St. Louis County Family Court Of Racial Bias

In Report, Justice Accuses St. Louis County Family Court Of Racial Bias

The Justice Department's Civil Rights Division found that the court fails to provide children adequate representation. In addition, it says the court treats black...

More Previously Uninsured Californians Got Coverage Under Obamacare

More Previously Uninsured Californians Got Coverage Under Obamacare

More than two-thirds of Californians who didn't have health insurance before the Affordable Care Act took full effect in 2014 have it now. A Kaiser Family Foundation...

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