U.S. Appeals Court Overturns Decision That NSA Metadata Collection Was Illegal

Updated by Eyder Peralta at

The three-judge panel threw out a lower court ruling that found the practice unconstitutional. Congress has passed a law that will change the collection process in a few months.

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If These Bones Could Talk: The Stories Human Skeletons Can Tell

Updated by Elissa Nadworny at

When human remains turn up at the bottom of the lake or in the trunk of a car, often its the bones that hold the answer. One of the best places to learn to read these clues is in Tennessee.

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A Colombian Kingpin Gets The 'Goodfellas' Treatment In 'Narcos'

Updated by Eric Deggans at

A new Netflix series offers a fictionalized account of how smuggler Pablo Escobar built his cocaine empire. The show is compelling and complex — especially for fans of classic crime stories.

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'The Wake' Is An Unlikely Hit In An Imaginary Language

Updated by Ari Shapiro at

Paul Kingsnorth self-published The Wake, his tale of the 11th-century Norman conquest of England, written in a pastiche of Old and modern English — and was startled when it became a smash hit.

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Tropical Storm Erika Heads For Hispaniola, With Florida Still In Its Sight

Updated by Eyder Peralta at

Erika unleashed heavy rains in Dominica, leaving at least four people dead. The National Hurricane Center forecasts that Erika could threaten South Florida by Monday morning.

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'George' Wants You To Know: She's Really Melissa

Updated by Neda Ulaby at

One of this fall's most anticipated books is about a transgender fourth-grader. Publisher Scholastic is employing some of the same marketing techniques it used for megahits like The Hunger Games.

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Stargazing From The Street Corner, Telescope And Hat In Hand

Updated by NPR Staff at

Herman Heyn has stood on a Baltimore street corner with a telescope almost nightly for 27 years. He does it for tips, for love of the stars — and for the hope he may inspire the same love in others.

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Freezing Eggs May Reduce A Woman's Odds Of Success With IVF

Updated by Robin Marantz Henig at

Women who used frozen donor eggs instead of fresh for IVF had lower odds of having a baby, a study finds. But doctors say frozen eggs remain a good option for many women.

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George W. Bush Returns To New Orleans To Remember Katrina

Updated by Scott Neuman at

A decade after the storm that irreparably damaged his presidency, Bush visits one of the schools that was nearly wiped out.

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First Watch: Rodrigo Amarante, 'I'm Ready'

Updated by Bob Boilen at

If you never heard Rodrigo Amarante, here's a song from one of Bob Boilen's top three albums of 2014, Cavalo, performed in a single take in Portugal. "I'm Ready" is haunting and lovely.

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Wal-Mart To End Sales Of Some Semi-Automatic Rifles, Citing Low Demand

Updated by Laura Wagner at

The retail giant says that because of a drop in customer demand, it will focus on other hunting and sportsmen's firearms.

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A Less-Restrained Obama Finally Says 'Bucket'

Updated by Tamara Keith at

With no elections left to run, President Obama appears to be acting on his joke from earlier this year about having a to-do list that, well, rhymes with "bucket."

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Boeing Case Is Latest Targeting 401(k) Plans With Excessive Fees

Updated by Chris Arnold at

The aerospace giant is moving to settle a suit accusing it of mishandling its plan. The case is part of a legal assault by an attorney to stop firms from offering workers high-cost retirement plans.

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Decade After Hurricane Katrina, Obama Celebrates New Orleans' Resilience

Updated by Debbie Elliott at

President Obama visits New Orleans Thursday, on the eve of the 10-year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina hitting the Gulf Coast.

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How The 2016 Candidates Are Getting Their Money, In 1 Infographic

Updated by Danielle Kurtzleben at

Some candidates are more dependent on their superPACs and millionaires, while others are turning most to small donors. See where the candidates line up based on their donations.

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