Donald Trump In 9 Quotes And 200 Seconds

Updated by Domenico Montanaro at

Trump took his act on the road to Tennessee, where he thrilled a conservative audience with an off-the-cuff routine that bordered on stand-up comedy.

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First Listen: Dam-Funk, 'Invite The Light'

Updated by Andy Beta at

The man born Damon Riddick makes an epic 20-song album that draws on the entire history of funk. Six years in the making, Invite The Light has a sound that's almost impossible to pin down.

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First Listen: Joan Shelley, 'Over And Even'

Updated by Katie Presley at

Songs on the Kentucky folk singer's second album sound ancient and true, even on first hearing.

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First Listen: The Arcs, 'Yours, Dreamily'

Updated by Mike Katzif at

In his new band, The Black Keys' Dan Auerbach plays immersive, funky R&B and soul that's embellished with velvety harmonies, hissy tape recordings and lip-curling attitude.

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First Listen: Cécile McLorin Salvant, 'For One To Love'

Updated by Patrick Jarenwattananon at

Salvant explores the quaint art of jazz singing, but with her own aesthetic idiosyncrasies intact. Her toolbox contains anywhere from a rich, husky voice to one that tiptoes theatrically, girlishly.

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First Listen: Diane Coffee, 'Everybody's A Good Dog'

Updated by Doug Mosurock at

Foxygen's Shaun Fleming aspires to a '70s ideal that rolls up sugarcoated bubblegum glam, soul balladry, Francophone pop and echoes of the Brill Building.

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First Listen: Lou Barlow, 'Brace The Wave'

Updated by Stephen Thompson at

Brace The Wave keeps the Sebadoh singer's sound stripped to its barren bones, an approach suited to the pleas and confessions therein.

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First Listen: Ruby Amanfu, 'Standing Still'

Updated by Jewly Hight at

Amanfu has performed alongside Jack White, among many others. The singer takes another step into the foreground on her first solo album, which showcases her incredible interpretive gifts.

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First Listen: Yo La Tengo, 'Stuff Like That There'

Updated by Jason Heller at

Amid two invigorating new songs and three fresh renditions of Yo La Tengo classics, nine wide-ranging covers are performed with varying degrees of sweetness, sadness, silliness and joy.

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First Listen: Anna Thorvaldsdottír, 'In The Light Of Air'

Updated by Tom Huizenga at

With flashes of lyricism, a young composer excels at weaving sound textures together to create distinct atmospheres. Hear the album, performed by the International Contemporary Ensemble.

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First Listen: Beach House, 'Depression Cherry'

Updated by Stephen Thompson at

On its fifth album, the Baltimore duo still finds a way to settle jangled nerves and transport listeners to a warmer, softer, easier place.

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First Listen: Destroyer, 'Poison Season'

Updated by Andy Beta at

On his 10th album as Destroyer, Dan Bejar keeps mining discarded sounds and reclaiming them, recalling everyone from Harry Nilsson to Clarence Clemons.

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First Listen: Maddie & Tae, 'Start Here'

Updated by Ann Powers at

With a sound rooted in rich vocal harmonies and acoustic instrumentation, the young country-pop duo explores a sense of living in between childhood and the next thing.

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Nathaniel Rateliff, Honky-Tonk Soul Man, Stumbles Into A Hit

Updated by NPR Staff at

Along with his band The Night Sweats, Rateliff is the voice behind "S.O.B." — a new song with an old sound that's catching a lot of people off guard.

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R.I.P. Humvee: What's Next For Military Transport?

Updated at

The reign of the Humvee is coming to an end and a new fleet of military vehicles is on the way. Washington Post reporter Christian Davenport discusses the history of the Humvee and what's next.

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Broadway's First Black Jean ValJean Dies At 21

When he debuted earlier this summer, Kyle Jean-Baptiste was also the youngest person ever to play the lead character in Les Miserables on Broadway. He died in an...

Egyptian Court Hands Down 3-Year Sentences For Journalists And Activists

Three Al-Jazeera English journalists and several student activists were sentenced to up to three years and six months in prison in Cairo on Saturday.

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Arts at Hayfield 31st Summer Festival

August 30, 2015 At Arts at Hayfield

Arts at Hayfield 31st Summer Festival

August 30, 2015 At Arts at Hayfield

Hickory Project -Live in Concert

August 30, 2015 At Wyoming County Cultural Center/Dietrich Theater




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