The 'Indian Cowboys' Of Florida

Updated by Linton Weeks at

Though it may sound like an oxymoron, Native Americans have been riding horses and roping cattle for centuries in the Sunshine State.

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Former Clinton Aide Who Built Private Email Server Pleads The 5th

Updated by Carrie Johnson at

The Select Committee on Benghazi had asked Bryan Pagliano, a former State Department employee, to field questions next week. His lawyer has declined.

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Thai Police Arrest Another Suspect In Bombing

Updated by Michael Sullivan at

Thai police have arrested a second foreign suspect in the country's deadliest bombing. They don't know if he's the yellow-shirted man seen leaving a backpack at the scene on the day of the bombing.

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Iceland Considers Taking In More Syrian Refugees

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More than 10,0000 people from the small European country have offered to host Syrian refugees. Renee Montagne talks to Tryggvi Adalbjornsson, a reporter with Icelandic National Radio.

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Fake Cop Tries To Pull Over Real Police Officer

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A teenager was impersonating an officer, using blue lights. The off-duty police officer suspected the fake cop, so he didn't stop. He did, however, call real police officers.

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How The Iran Vote Is Engineered To Pass

Updated by Steve Inskeep at

When Congress votes on the deal this month, it will be considered under rules that favor the president, even if his opponents gain a majority.

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How A Suit Against Uber Could Redefine The Sharing Economy

Updated by Laura Sydell at

A federal judge has allowed some drivers to proceed with a class-action suit against the ride-hailing service. The case could affect other companies in the sharing economy such as Airbnb and Lyft.

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Pew Poll: U.S. Catholics Accept Non-Traditional Families

Updated by David Schaper at

The poll by the Pew Research Center finds U.S. Catholics are surprisingly open-minded about certain social issues, with majorities often holding opinions contrary to church teaching.

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During Holy Year, Priests Permitted To Forgive Women Who Had Abortions

Updated by Jennifer Ludden at

Pope Francis announced that priests will be able to offer absolution to women who've had an abortion. The policy, in place for a year, is part of a Holy Year of Mercy that starts in December.

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Why Is There An Extra Point In Football, And Do We Need It?

Updated by Frank Deford at

This year, the extra-point line of scrimmage has been moved back to the 15-yard line. Will that make any demonstrable difference in lowering the conversion rate?

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As More Adults Pedal, Their Biking Injuries And Deaths Spike, Too

Updated by Michaeleen Doucleff at

Hospital admissions caused by bike injuries have more than doubled in the past 15 years across the country. One doctor thinks the "Lance Armstrong effect" could be a reason for the jump.

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Prisons In California To Limit Number Of Inmates In Solitary Confinement

Updated by Kirk Siegler at

Advocates are hailing the court settlement that they say could lead the way to ending widespread solitary confinement and other harsh treatment of prisoners in the state's corrections system.

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Fasting To The Death: Is It A Religious Rite Or Suicide?

Updated by Julie McCarthy at

A member of the ancient religion of Jainism who is very sick or very old may opt to stop eating. But India's Supreme Court is weighing a ban on the practice because suicide is illegal by Indian law.

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Pack Your Imagination. We're Off To Herodium And A Clown Motel

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David Plotz of the travel website Atlas Obscura tells us about two more of his favorite unlikely parts of the world: Herodium in the Israeli-occupied West Bank and a clown-themed motel in Nevada.

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Denmark's First Astronaut Heads To International Space Station

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One of rookie Andreas Mogensen's jobs will be to test new equipment on Danish-made exercise bikes, the European Space Agency says.

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Court Throws Out Tom Brady's Four-Game Suspension Over 'Deflategate'

Brady appealed a suspension handed down by NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell in federal court. The judge sided with Brady.

Former Clinton Aide, Who Built Private Email Server, Pleads The 5th

The Select Committee on Benghazi had asked Bryan Pagliano, a former State Department employee, to field questions next week. His lawyer has declined.

China Flexes Muscles With Parade, But Announces Troop Cut

More than 12,000 precision-drilled soldiers, 500 pieces of military hardware and 200 aircraft filed through Tiananmen Square.





Kellylee Evans (Jazz, Soul, Pop, Hip Hop Vocalist.)

September 4, 2015 At Weis Center for the Performing Arts

Martins Creek Viaduct Centennial Celebration

September 5, 2015 At Kingsley Community Church

Dietrich Classic Movies Series - St. Elmo's Fire

September 9, 2015 At Wyoming County Cultural Center/Dietrich Theater