As Democrats Grow Nervous, Clinton Tries To Appeal To Party Leaders

Updated by Sarah McCammon at

Hillary Clinton tried to rally important Democratic delegates to her side at the party's summer meeting in Minneapolis. But, as she looks increasingly vulnerable, rivals are pressing their own cases.

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Pennsylvania Falls Short Of Little League World Series Title, But Not To Fans

Updated by Brakkton Booker at

The Red Land Little League team of Lewisberry, Pa., had an eight-run lead but lost to a team from Tokyo, 18-11. The combined 29 runs set a record for a championship game.

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Notorious Cocaine Dealers' Release Requests Test New Sentencing Guidelines

Updated by Carrie Johnson at

A man who helped flood Washington, D.C., with drugs in the 1980s wants to reduce his sentence using guidelines that help drug offenders secure early release. A federal judge doesn't seem convinced.

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What's Better For Afghanistan's Future: Buddha Tours Or A Copper Mine?

Updated by NPR Staff at

A vast archaeological site sits atop one of the world's biggest untapped copper deposits. Afghanistan must decide which resource will be a greater boon.

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Piano Twang: Steven Mayer Plays 'Le Banjo'

Updated by Tom Huizenga at

Music by New Orleans native Louis Moreau Gottschalk, America's first musical superstar, is a gumbo of styles including pop and classical.

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When He Says Yoga Saved His Life, He's Not Exaggerating

Updated by Marc Silver at

A boy loses his father. A family loses its livelihood. The boy runs drugs and picks pockets so his siblings can eat. He is convinced he will die. And then ... he takes a yoga class.

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Songs We Love: Curren$y, 'All Over'

Updated by Timmhotep Aku at

The New Orleans rapper joins forces with fellow Big Easy native Chase N. Cashe to create a moody, cinematic track.

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Why Utah Is The Only State Trying To Track And Limit SWAT-Style Tactics

Updated by Martin Kaste at

For all the talk of police militarization, no reliable statistics exist on the number of raids by SWAT or other heavily armed tactical teams. There are no federal or state tallies — except in Utah.

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JR JR Loses Its Head (And Torso) In Surreal New Video

Updated by Katie Presley at

Literal disembodiment and surreal visuals pair with lyrics delving into, among other things, the band's recent name change.

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After Virginia Tragedy, Candidates Talk Guns

Updated at

A new poll shows Bernie Sanders gaining ground against Hillary Clinton in Iowa. Both candidates addressed gun control this week.

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Freezing Eggs May Reduce A Woman's Odds Of Success With IVF

Updated by Robin Marantz Henig at

Women who used frozen donor eggs instead of fresh for IVF had lower odds of having a baby, a study finds. But doctors say frozen eggs remain a good option for many women.

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NPR Podcasts Turn 10!

Updated at

To celebrate, we're looking back at what has happened in podcasting over the last decade and sharing a special collection of NPR podcast episodes hand picked by the people who make them.

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'I'm Not Scared Of Learning': FKA Twigs On Submission And Control

Updated by NPR Staff at

A deft career pivot turned the British artist from a backup dancer for pop videos into a multimedia auteur, with a hand in nearly every aspect of her music career. She speaks with NPR's Scott Simon.

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Edward St. Aubyn's 'A Clue To The Exit' Is Released In The U.S.

Updated at

Charlie Fairburn has been told he has six months to live. He's the central character in Edward St. Aubyn's novel, A Clue to the Exit. He speaks with NPR's Scott Simon about the book.

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German Filmmaker Wim Wenders Sums Up His Work In One Word

Updated by NPR Staff at

That word is "searchers." Wenders says, "If you look at the history of filmmaking, most great filmmakers actually were working on one story for all their lives."

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