Obama Focuses On Native Issues, Climate Change As He Starts Alaska Visit

Updated by Christopher Dean Hopkins at

The arctic is the fastest-warming region on the planet, the president noted, adding the U.S., as the world's biggest economy and second-biggest carbon emitter, played a role in that.

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U of M gives Pitino $400K annual raise, 2-year extension

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The university also gave women's basketball coach Marlene Stollings and softball coach Jessica Allister raises and extended contracts.

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U of M Regents delay vote on $190 million athletics village

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Fundraising shortfalls are not at the heart of the time-out, U officials say. "This is part of the ebb and flow of a major project," a spokesperson said.

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Schools scramble to find teachers as classes begin

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During the recession, hundreds of thousands of teachers in states like California and North Carolina lost their jobs. But, now those same states are urgently trying to fill teaching jobs in an economy where fewer people want to teach.

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MPR forum: Latinos and education

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Chris Farrell and Alberto Monserrate co-host a discussion about education and Latinos. Teachers and students all over Minnesota are headed back to school this week and next. What's working, and what lessons can we all learn about how best to teach all of Minnesota's children?

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Two-thirds of St. Paul schools to offer free lunch for all students

Updated by Cox, Peter, Peter Cox at

The district is expanding its participation in a federal program that offers free lunches for schools with high rates of poverty.

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How should high school education be redesigned?

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If you had the chance to build the secondary education system from scratch what would it look like?

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Minnesota has highest ACT scores, but gaps between races remain

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For the 10th year in a row Minnesota students lead the nation in one measure of college readiness.

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Some Veterans Affairs Reforms Undermine Medical Recruitment Efforts

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The Department of Veterans Affairs is suffering a shortfall of physicians, especially in mental health. A steady flow of scandals and attempts at strict reform by Congress may be hurting recruitment.

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Rest In Peace, Wes Craven — The Rest Of Us Sure Won't

Updated by Neda Ulaby at

The horror master, who died Sunday, disturbed the dreams of millions of moviegoers in A Nightmare on Elm Street, and he helped to revitalize horror in the 1990s by directing the Scream movies.

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Katrina Sparked Push To Improve Hurricane Forecasting

Updated by Greg Allen at

In the decade since Katrina, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and the National Weather Service have invested in new satellites and computer modeling technology that have significantly improved their ability to forecast and track hurricanes.

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Patel Clan Challenges India's Quota System

Updated by Julie McCarthy at

Twenty-two-year-old Hardik Patel is shaking one of the pillars of India: its quota system for socially and economically challenged castes. His drive to win the same status for his relatively well-off sizable Patel clan has attracted a major following. But it's also drawn suspicion among those who say his real aim is to overturn India's caste-based affirmative action.

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Tensions Rise At Border As Dominican Republic Begins Deporting Haitians

Updated by Peter Granitz at

Dominican forces are expelling Haitians everyday, part of an ongoing plan to deport people without papers who have been living on the wrong side of the border for years.

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North Dakota Law Aims To Set Parameters For Police Use Of Drones

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North Dakota is out in front with a law setting the parameters for police use of drones. It bars the use of lethal weapons on these remote controlled flying machines, but it seems to specifically rule in non-lethal weapons. Some legislators are concerned that a change in the original bill that was written by a lobbyist now makes North Dakota the first state to allow police forces to arm drones wit

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U.S. Treasury Holds Public Forum On $10 Bill Redesign

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A woman will likely be on the $10 bill by 2020, but which one? The U.S. Treasury held a forum in Seneca Falls, N.Y., Monday to get the public's input.

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