Kanye West Plays Puppet Master With 'Life Of Pablo' Premiere

Last Updated by Oliver Wang on

Maybe this is all part of some performance-art piece we've been unwittingly sucked into. But either way, it seems to be working.

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Eight Writers On 'The Life Of Pablo,' So Far

Posted by Frannie Kelley on

Grappling with the event, the album and the artist, under different circumstances — none ideal.

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A New Generation Of Saudi Artists Pushes The Boundaries

Last Updated by Deborah Amos on

Daring visual artists, whose edgy work challenges religious and political taboos, have become a critical voice in the conservative kingdom — where open calls for reform are a criminal offense.

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A New Generation Of Saudi Artists Pushes The Boundaries

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A New Generation Of Saudi Artists Pushes The Boundaries

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Photos: Obama Declares 3 New National Monuments In California Desert

Last Updated by Merrit Kennedy on

The new designations protect nearly 1.8 million acres of public lands that include Southern California's highest peak, thousands of Native American rock carvings, endangered animals and a ghost town.

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California Death Row Inmates Remain Stuck In High Security Limbo

Last Updated by Scott Shafer on

This fall, voters in California may get to weigh in on two very different ballot measures on capital punishment — one to ban the death penalty and another to expedite executions. California still sentences convicted murderers to death, but there hasn't been an execution there since 2006. That's when a federal judge suspended capital punishment. On a rare tour of San Quentin State Prison, NPR found

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Sanders, Clinton Take The Stage In Milwaukee For Their 6th Debate

Last Updated by Mara Liasson on

After Bernie Sanders' N.H.primary win, he was reaching out to minority voters who make up a larger segment of the electorate in upcoming contests. Hillary Clinton was trying to regain her footing.

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Week In Politics: Democratic Debate, New Hampshire Primary

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NPR's Ari Shapiro speaks with our regular political commentator David Brooks of The New York Times and MSNBC analyst Alex Wagner. They discuss Thursday night's PBS Democratic debate and the emerging virtue of humility in the GOP.

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Diane Warren On 'Til It Happens To You,' A Modern Anthem For A Hard Truth

Last Updated by Neda Ulaby on

A career-long hitmaker, Warren knows how to write about intimacy and heartbreak. But when she collaborated with Lady Gaga for a song about sexual assault, it unlocked a few stories she'd never shared.

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Montana Governor Allows Wild Bison To Roam Outside Of Yellowstone

Posted by Amy Martin on

For the first time in 30 years, bison will be able to migrate outside of Yellowstone National Park. Park officials, private landowners and the state have been in a decades-long debate over the bison.

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As Black Holes Collide, Scientists Detect Gravitational Waves

Last Updated by Geoff Brumfiel on

Scientists have seen gravitational ripples from two black holes colliding. The discovery is the culmination of decades of work. Albert Einstein first predicted such ripples should exist a century ago.

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'It's A Surviving Tool': 'Native' Tells Satirical Stories Of Life In Israel

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NPR's Kelly McEvers talks to author Sayed Kashua, an Israeli-Palestinian whose satirical weekly columns in Haaretz newspaper are collected in his new book called Native.

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Animated Show 'Bordertown' Explores Both Sides Of Immigration Debate

Last Updated by Mandalit del Barco on

Bordertown is about two families on both sides of the immigration debate. One is a white border patrol agent and his family and the other is a Mexican-American immigrant family.

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Is John Oliver's Show Journalism? He Says The Answer Is Simple: 'No'

Last Updated by NPR Staff on

"Everything we do is in pursuit of comedy," Oliver says. But to get the comedy right, you have to get facts right: "You can't be wrong about something, otherwise that joke just disintegrates."

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Pope Francis Meets Head Of Russian Orthodox Church In Havana

Last Updated by Tom Gjelten on

Pope Francis and the Russian Orthodox patriarch met in Havana, Cuba, on Friday. It's the first time a pope has met with a Russian patriarch since eastern and western Christianity diverged in the 11th century and have since evolved somewhat independent of each other.

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