Netanyahu Fights To Hang On In Another Israeli Election. Here's What To Know

Last Updated by Daniel Estrin, Orr Hirschauge on

Tuesday is the second time Israelis go to the polls in less than six months. The results may be just as inconclusive.

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Ric Ocasek, Frontman Of The Cars, Has Died

Last Updated by Anastasia Tsioulcas, Elizabeth Blair on

The lead singer of The Cars — the offbeat Boston rock band that became a mainstay of radio in the 1980s — died Sunday afternoon in Manhattan.

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Outside Experts See Iran's Hand In Attack On Saudi Oil Facility

Last Updated by Geoff Brumfiel on

Independent analysts say the evidence available suggests Iran played a role in the weekend attack. The question is how big that role might be.

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Comedian Shane Gillis Fired From 'Saturday Night Live' For Racist Remarks

Last Updated by Vanessa Romo on

The comedian's rising star has dimmed in a controversy over a series of derogatory statements he made on his podcast. SNL said the show had no idea. He said, "I was always a Mad TV guy anyway."

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Amitav Ghosh: 'The World Of Fact Is Outrunning The World Of Fiction'

Last Updated by Ari Shapiro on

Ghosh's latest book, Gun Island, is a modern retelling of a Bengali myth. He believes old legends have a lot to teach us about how to think about the catastrophic effects of climate change.

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In GM Strike, Union Says Only 2% Of Deal Has Been Agreed To, 'We're Far Apart'

Last Updated by Brakkton Booker, Bobby Allyn on

Picket lines began forming outside GM plants after the United Auto Workers voted Sunday to begin a strike at midnight. Nearly 50,000 workers are affected by the work stoppage.

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Reporters Dig Into Justice Kavanaugh's Past, Allegations Of Misconduct Against Him

Last Updated by Terry Gross on

A new book by The New York Times' Robin Pogrebin and Kate Kelly extends the investigation into the SCOTUS justice's history, chases down sexual misconduct allegations and considers his years since.

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The Marshall Plan Is Having A Moment

Last Updated by Greg Rosalsky, Gregory Rosalsky on

Presidential candidates have been calling for various "Marshall Plans," referring to the U.S. program to fund rebuilding in post-World War II Europe. But what are they really talking about?

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Attack On Saudi Oil Facilities Makes Oil Prices Spike

Last Updated by Scott Neuman, Bill Chappell, Richard Gonzales on

It's the largest one-day surge in crude prices in years. Yemen's Iranian-backed Houthi rebels claimed responsibility for the strikes, but the U.S. says Iran played a key role. Iran denies involvement.

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'Tip Of The Iceberg' — 1 In 16 Women Reports First Sexual Experience As Rape

Last Updated by Rhitu Chatterjee on

The average age of those who were raped was around 15, and their assailants were typically older partners. Women who were raped had a greater likelihood of long-term health problems.

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The World Of Celia Cruz: A Turning The Tables Playlist

Last Updated by Stefanie Fernández on

Cruz remains matchless in meeting the pain of exile and immigration with as full and joyous a song as she sang. Hear a playlist of her best songs, plus music by the artists she inspired.

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In 'Wildhood,' Scientists See Similarities In Adolescent Humans And Other Animals

Last Updated by Barbara J. King on

Understanding the lives of animals can illuminate our own — and those of loved adolescents too. But authors Barbara Natterson-Horowitz and Kathryn Bowers at times push cross-species links too far.

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Boeing Report To Include Overhaul Of Safety Procedures

Last Updated by Chris Arnold on

Boeing's board of directors will soon receive recommendations aimed at making the company's planes safer. This comes after two 737 MAX jets crashed, killing all passengers and crew.

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Lawsuits Highlight Government Failures In Opioid Crisis

Last Updated by Brian Mann on

As the cases proceed, critics say blame for the addiction crisis should be shared by government officials, who saw that opioid sales were skyrocketing years ago but failed to raise the alarm.

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Miami Dolphins Flounder In NFL Play So Far

Last Updated on

Could the 2019 Miami Dolphins wind up being the worst team in NFL history? NPR's Audie Cornish talks to the Miami Herald's Greg Cote about how pro football got so bad in South Florida.

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