Morehouse College graduation speaker pledges to pay off Class of 2019 student loans

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A billionaire technology investor and philanthropist announced Sunday that his family is providing grants to wipe out the student loan debt of the entire 2019 class at Morehouse College.

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Who knew? The marauding Vikings were also expert traders, craftsmen and farmers

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If you picture the Scandinavian Vikings of the Middle Ages as marauding hordes raping and pillaging, you're right -- but only half right. A new exhibition in Minneapolis puts the other half on display.

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AG Ellison says schools must allow students to graduate despite lunch debt

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Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison said Wednesday the state's public schools shouldn't block kids from graduation ceremonies because of outstanding lunch debt.

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Economists Louis Johnston and Chris Farrell on money, work and life

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Economists Louis Johnston and Chris Farrell talk about money, work and life.

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A conversation with MPR's education reporter

Last Updated by Angela Davis, E Ringham and Elizabeth Shockman on

K-12 reporter Elizabeth Shockman and editor Eric Ringham sat down with Angela to talk about the stories they've recently worked on.

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Journalist Cokie Roberts on social responsibility

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Emmy Award-winning journalist and commentator Cokie Roberts speaks about the ways we can contribute to making America -- and the world -- a better place.

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St. Paul school staffer on leave after racist remarks heard on video

Last Updated by Nina Moini on

A St. Paul Public Schools staff member is on administrative leave and the superintendent is apologizing after a "disturbing" video capturing "racist and foul" language at Highland Park Middle School surfaced on social media.

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How we did it: Methods used to test the relationship between Taser model and effectiveness

Last Updated by Geoff, Hing on

Data from three big police departments — and various statistical analyses — allowed us to compare newer and older models.

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Tasers are less reliable than their maker has claimed. The results can be deadly

Last Updated by Geoff, Curtis Gilbert, Caputo, Angela and Hing on

Tasers have become an essential tool for police, but how effective are they? An APM Reports investigation finds that officers in some big cities rated Tasers as unreliable up to 40 percent of the time, and in three large departments, newer models were less effective than older ones. In 258 cases over three years, a Taser failed to subdue someone who was then shot and killed by police.

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Minnesota's 10 worst colleges for student loan debt

Last Updated by Cody Nelson on

Nine private schools lead the way for Minnesota when it comes to per-student loan debt, a recent survey finds.

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Minneapolis school uses boxing to help reduce behavior problems

Last Updated by Brandt Williams on

Lucy Laney Elementary School staffer Morgan McDonald gives students an outlet for frustrations during and after school.

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Meet Minnesota's 2019 Teacher of the Year

Last Updated by Angela Davis and Manda Lillie on

A conversation with Minnesota's 2017 and 2019 Teachers of the Year about the current state of education.

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South St. Paul educator named Minnesota Teacher of the Year

Last Updated by Peter Cox on

Jessica Davis, who has been dedicated to helping all students see themselves as successful in the classroom, in professional fields and as community leaders, is the 55th teacher to receive the award.

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Kennedy named University of Colorado president amid protests

Last Updated by Associated Press on

The University of Colorado has named Mark Kennedy as its next president amid protests that the former Republican U.S. representative is out of step with the school's values.

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Ex-Minnesota education commissioner takes over Boston schools

Last Updated by Tim Nelson on

Brenda Casselius was picked from among three finalists for the job. She served as the state's education commissioner from 2011 through the end of the administration of DFL Gov. Mark Dayton.

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