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Elaine Chao, champion of Trump's infrastructure plan, chose to keep stock in a building company

Last Updated by Tom Scheck on

After she was confirmed, the transportation secretary resigned from the board of Vulcan Materials but held on to deferred stock awards worth $300,000, an amount that could grow if Chao helps push an infrastructure bill through Congress.

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Louisville places Rick Pitino, AD on administrative leave

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Rick Pitino's exit comes after the school acknowledged on Tuesday that the men's program is part of a federal investigation into alleged bribery of recruits.

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St. Paul tries free college prep for grads needing a boost

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A St. Paul school known more for its GED classes has become a home for students getting ready to take on college but still needing some help.

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$21 million in funding to improve student literacy

Last Updated by Press, The Associated on

Preschool programs, low-income students, those who are learning English and students with special needs will benefit from the funding.

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What can we learn from the Chinese education system?

Last Updated by J Franz and Kerri Miller on

In "Little Soldiers," journalist Lenora Chu relays the experience of enrolling her son in a Shanghai kindergarten, and what she learned about "cultivating a superstar student in China."

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How alumni revived a dying college

Last Updated by APM Reports on

As small private colleges struggle to survive, we look at one that almost didn't make it.

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Minnesota schools say new pre-K money will help meet rising need

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The Legislature this year backed $70 million in new spending on three of the state's main early education programs. School districts say there's plenty of need for the cash. New opportunities for free preschool are in high demand.

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