Clemmie Fleming becomes second major witness to recant in Curtis Flowers case

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She says she felt pressured to testify against Curtis Flowers in all six trials.

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S2 E15: Revelations

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It's been 11 days since the U.S. Supreme Court threw out Curtis Flowers' conviction. And the story has taken yet more surprising turns since. In recent days, there have been three other significant developments, including new details from a key witness, that may change Flowers' fate.

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Where was Willie James Hemphill on the morning of the Tardy murders?

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His alibi didn't check out.

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Willie James Hemphill's long criminal record

Last Updated by Dave, Yesko, Parker and Mann on

During nearly 30 years of crimes, he's shown a quick temper, and a penchant for daytime robberies and violence against women.

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Aspen Ideas Festival: 'How to be an Antiracist'

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Historian Ibram Kendi says we've had racial progress in America, and simultaneously we've had racist progress.

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What do you really know about the Revolutionary War?

Last Updated by Kim Gordon and Kerri Miller on

Author Rick Atkinson brings America's war for independence to life with "The British Are Coming," the first book in his new trilogy about the Revolutionary War.

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Augsburg offers Argosy psychology students a lifeline

Last Updated by Alisa Roth on

Argosy University psychology students were searching for ways to complete their degrees after the for-profit school abruptly shut down. Now Augsburg University is trying to launch a new doctorate in psychology for them, and possibly others down the road.

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When doctors become patients: Med schools put new emphasis on mental health for residents

Last Updated by Alisa Roth on

Medical schools have long had a suck-it-up attitude toward students' and residents' mental health. That's starting to change.

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Student fishing league catching on in Minnesota lakes country

Last Updated by Dan Gunderson on

A two-year-old league has 22 schools and more than 450 students participating in competitive fishing. The interest caught organizers by surprise and they believe it bodes well for the future of angling.

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Curtis Flowers wins appeal at U.S. Supreme Court

Last Updated by Dave, Yesko, Parker, Rehman, Mann, Curtis Gilbert and Tungekar on

The Supreme Court has reversed Curtis Flowers' 2010 conviction, ruling that prosecutors excluded African-Americans from the jury.

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Appetites: Food truck helps keep Minnesota kids fed when school is out

Last Updated by Megan Burks on

Schools are using a truck that would feel right at home outside of a brewery to bring healthy breakfasts and lunches to kids during the summer.

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U Twin Cities undergrad tuition to top $15K next school year

Last Updated by Matt Sepic and Nina Moini on

Regents Wednesday approved a budget that includes a 2 percent increase in resident tuition for Minnesota undergraduates, pushing the price tag to $15,027 in tuition and fees. The trustees of the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities system also approved 3 percent tuition increases.

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Relief coming to Argosy students as for-profit college study starts

Last Updated by Brian Bakst on

Minnesota lawmakers rushed to help Argosy University students stunned by school's sudden closure. Now a broader examination of for-profit college regulations has begun.

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Minnesota No. 4 in child well-being, but among worst in racial disparities

Last Updated by Elizabeth Shockman on

A yearly report finds that Minnesota has made progress in taking care of children, but the progress has been uneven.

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His last day of school: Kaler moves on from the University of Minnesota

Last Updated by Manda Lillie and Kerri Miller on

Eric Kaler will leave the University of Minnesota in July. He sat down with host Kerri Miller to talk about his tenure at the Big 10 school.

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