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Why it's a good economic bet to invest in early childhood

Last Updated by Kerri Miller and Elizabeth Shockman on

How do you get the biggest bang for the buck if your goal is a more robust economy? Some experts say the best way to invest for prosperity is to fund early childhood education.

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Parent-led group hopes to help hungry kids in Minnesota

Last Updated by MPR News on

In little more than a year, four St. Cloud-area parents have managed to distribute more than 23,000 meal packs to hungry kids.

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Parents protest after Minnesota school drops fall holiday celebrations

Last Updated by Nina Moini on

A Minnesota elementary school's decision to move away from fall and Halloween celebrations has reignited a debate about whether and how schools should celebrate holidays.

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St. Thomas to hold campus-wide meeting to address racism

Last Updated by Associated Press on

The University of St. Thomas says it will cancel classes next Wednesday and hold a campus-wide meeting to talk about how to combat racism at the St. Paul school.

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Answering the call: University of St. Thomas lays out action plan against racism

Last Updated by Gabriel Kwan on

The University's president outlined 17 steps to increase racial sensitivity, attract more students of color and devote more resources to minority student populations.

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Minneapolis Fed tackles education this week

Last Updated by Bill Catlin on

Fifteen years after a landmark study on the benefits of early childhood education, the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis convenes experts to talk about innovation in education.

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As they lose customers, universities try expanding the menu

Last Updated by Emerald, Baumhardt, Alex and O'Brien on

Colleges nationwide have added more than 40,000 new degree and certificate programs in last six years, but are they better serving students?

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Teaching boys to be 'gentle men' in a hyper-masculine world

Last Updated by Catharine Richert on

In the midst of the #MeToo movement, a local group of Rochester nuns organized a meeting with 10- to 13-year-olds to talk to them about being good men.

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Georgia purged an estimated 107,000 people largely for not voting, an APM Reports investigation shows

Last Updated by Caputo, Angela, Hing, Geoff and Johnny Kauffman on

A handful of states, most of them led by Republicans, are using someone's decision not to vote as the trigger for removing them from the rolls. No state has been more aggressive with this approach than Georgia, where Brian Kemp, the secretary of state, oversaw the purging of a growing number of voters ahead of his own run for governor, according to an APM Reports investigation. Voting rights advoc

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Minnesota students above the national average on the ACT

Last Updated by Press, The Associated on

Test results released Wednesday show the class of 2018 earning an average composite score of 21.3 out of a possible 36. That's down slightly from last year's average of 21.5, but still above the national average of 20.8.

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New U fellowship honors civil rights leader Josie Johnson

Last Updated by Peter Cox on

Johnson said she hopes the fellowship will encourage students to take risks, to deeply study and try new ideas. "I just think it's important for our children to feel that things are possible," she said.

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U of M students accept challenge of explaining their complicated thesis research in 3 minutes

Last Updated by Elizabeth Dunbar on

The 'Science in Seconds' competition forced graduate students to explain their thesis topics to a general audience for a chance to move on to a university-wide competition on Nov. 9.

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'Be curious': New St. Cloud State head brings love of learning to job

Last Updated by Kirsti Marohn on

Robbyn Wacker's idea of a great role model? Curious George.

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University of Minnesota reviews Greek policy after student death

Last Updated by Associated Press on

The University of Minnesota is re-examining its Greek life policy following the second alcohol-related death of a campus fraternity member within a year.

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A fresh face for fossils: Science Museum of Minnesota welcomes new head of paleontology

Last Updated by Gabriel Kwan on

The new curator brings enthusiasm, expertise and high hopes for community outreach.

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