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Students, schools prep for Wednesday walkout over Florida shooting

Last Updated by Mukhtar Ibrahim on

Students in Minnesota and across the country plan to step out of their classrooms for 17 minutes on the one-month anniversary of the Parkland, Fla., shooting, where a 19-year-old gunman killed 17 students and staff.

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1968 LA school walkout protesters see link to Parkland teens

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Participants in a 1968 Los Angeles high school walkout to protest dropout rates and paddle beatings for speaking Spanish that ended up prompting a wave of Mexican-American youth activism say they hear echoes of their demonstrations in the voices of outraged students at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, where 17 people died in a mass shooting.

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Is the trauma of training for a school shooter worth it?

Last Updated by Baumhardt, Alex and Chris Julin on

Most American students practice "active shooter" drills in school. Fewer than one in a million of them will need it.

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Trump backs off push for raising assault rifle purchase age

Last Updated by Associated Press on

President Trump's plan would create task force and work to make schools less vulnerable to attacks, but would not include language to increase the minimum age for purchasing assault weapons.

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AP finds the NRA gave $7 million to hundreds of schools

Last Updated by Associated Press on

The National Rifle Association has given more than $7 million in grants to hundreds of U.S. schools in recent years, according to an Associated Press analysis, but few have shown any indication that they'll follow the lead of businesses that are cutting ties with the group following last month's massacre at a Florida high school.

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Auditor's report says U of M lacks appeals process in sex misconduct cases

Last Updated by Martin Moylan on

The Office of the Legislative Auditor says the University of Minnesota's employee sexual misconduct policies satisfy major government requirements, but they lack an appeals process.

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School leaders learn 'threat assessment' a necessary skill

Last Updated by Solvejg Wastvedt on

Last month's Florida school shooting and the rash of copycat threats that followed in Minnesota and around the nation has put the spotlight on how schools and law enforcement measure risks and respond.

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Photos: Students rally at the Capitol for tougher gun control

Last Updated by Tim Nelson and Evan Frost on

Thousands of students marched through St. Paul to the state Capitol Wednesday to voice their support for gun control, and to call for an end to school violence.

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Dayton backs $21M to boost school safety, student mental health

Last Updated by Tim Pugmire and Tim Nelson on

"Our mission is to prevent every school shooting. To succeed, we must take action now," Gov. Dayton said. He unveiled his plan shortly before hundreds of Twin Cities students began a march to the Capitol to demand change.

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West Virginia leaders reach deal to end teachers strike

Last Updated by Press, The Associated on

West Virginia Gov. Jim Justice and Senate Republicans reached a tentative deal on Tuesday to end a nine-day statewide teachers' strike by giving them 5 percent raises -- and adding similar raises for all state workers while they're at it.

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Former UMD hockey coach's gender discrimination trial begins

Last Updated by Dan Kraker on

Former women's hockey coach Shannon Miller argues the University of Minnesota Duluth fired her because she's a woman, and for complaining about discrimination. UMD says the firing was performance-related.

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Fundraiser honoring Castile pays off students' lunch debt

Last Updated by Press, The Associated on

A fundraising campaign honoring Philando Castile has raised enough money to pay the debt of students enrolled in a federal school lunch program in St. Paul, Minnesota.

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Snow day fun: How to make the most of a day when school is closed

Last Updated by Mikus, Matt on

A few ideas on how to avoid cabin fever and making the most of an unexpected school cancelation.

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Here's why schools closed before it even started snowing

Last Updated by Nancy Yang and Martin Moylan on

The Twin Cities woke up this morning to icy roads but no major snow, prompting some to ask, "When did Minnesota get so soft?" It's likely that no superintendent wants a repeat of what happened to the St. Paul school district in January.

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Chapter 2: The Order

Last Updated by APM Reports on

After Pearl Harbor, pressure grew to forcibly relocate all persons of Japanese ancestry from the Pacific coast. On Feb. 19, 1942, President Roosevelt signed Executive Order 9066.

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