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Smart money practices to save for college

Last Updated by Marcheta Fornoff and Kerri Miller, J Bissoy on

Higher ed is getting more and more expensive. Are you ready to send your child off to college?

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New lab takes students on virtual field trips

Last Updated by Dan Gunderson on

Hawley Public Schools is introducing students -- and their teachers -- to the district's new virtual reality lab, one of only a few hundred around the country.

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What to do if your child's school isn't teaching reading right?

Last Updated by Emily Hanford on

After our recent examination of why American kids aren't being taught to read well, we received a ton of questions, mostly from parents. So we went to the experts to get answers.

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In the fight over Kavanaugh, echoes of a battle being waged on college campuses nationwide

Last Updated by Alex, Baumhardt on

Across the country, schools wrestle with how sexual assault is defined and how much proof is needed.

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When kids come to see 'Hamilton,' it's noisy downtown

Last Updated by Euan Kerr on

High school students get a chance to see the hit musical, and a few of them take a turn on stage.

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University of Minn. fires firm to find Kaler's replacement

Last Updated by Peter Cox on

Two months into its presidential search, the University of Minnesota dismissed the national firm it hired to lead the process, after Storbeck/Pimentel and Associates was selected to do the same job for Michigan State University.

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Munch or not? Experts set to tackle art mystery at Minnesota college

Last Updated by MPR News, Staff on

A longtime Minnesota art mystery may soon be solved, as a new effort launches this week to determine whether a painting at St. Olaf College is by famed artist Edvard Munch — or an imposter.

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One week window opens for teachers to opt out of union dues

Last Updated by John Enger on

This week, Minnesota teachers and school staff have their first opportunity to opt out of paying union dues since a major Supreme Court decision that allows them to do so.

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There's a science to teaching children to read

Last Updated by Bissoy-Mattis, Jeffrey and Kerri Miller on

Host Kerri Miller spoke to two education experts on scientifically-based practices that help teachers effectively teach reading to students.

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Poverty, perseverance and a PhD

Last Updated by Sasha Aslanian on

An elite university helped her climb but changing class can be a lonely journey.

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Volunteers build new playground at Minneapolis elementary school

Last Updated by Nina Moini on

Dozens of volunteers gathered at a north Minneapolis elementary school Saturday to build a new playground, just a few months after a tragedy at a playground in an adjacent park.

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Why law enforcement didn't see that Danny Heinrich killed Jacob Wetterling

Last Updated by Parker, Curtis Gilbert and Yesko on

A new Stearns County sheriff let loose a condemnation of the investigation, declaring that there were "20 things" law enforcement bungled. This is a brief analysis of some of the key flaws of the investigation by the journalists who produced the first season of In The Dark, a podcast that first revealed many of the failures two years ago.

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Law enforcement comes clean on botched Wetterling investigation

Last Updated by Yesko, Parker on

Two years after the first season of In The Dark revealed numerous mistakes by law enforcement investigating Wetterling's disappearance, the Stearns County sheriff provided harsh detail of his predecessors' failures and made public thousands of documents from the investigative file.

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University of Minnesota child care program staying open

Last Updated by Peter Cox on

The University of Minnesota will keep a popular university-run child care program open. The program is set to be integrated with the Shirley Moore Laboratory School which will move into the Child Development Center building.

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Why don't prosecutors get disciplined?

Last Updated by Yesko, Parker on

In most jurisdictions, district attorneys who break the rules are rarely held accountable.

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