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Snow day fun: How to make the most of a day when school is closed

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School's closed due to weather, and the kids are probably excited for the first few hours in the morning. But what's next?

We've got your back. Here's a few ideas on how to both pass the time and learn a few things for the day. And more important, they don't require you to drive on the road.

Listen to a kid's podcast: BrainsOn

BrainsOn is the science podcast for kids of all ages with a curious mind. With more than 100 episodes, you can easily find a great show to listen to on their website, or download the episodes from Apple Podcasts or Google Play Music.

If you want to keep with the snow day theme, two possible episodes include how do meteorologists predict the weather and why are no two snowflakes the same?

Dancy party!

Our pals at The Current have you covered with the Rock the Cradle live stream.

Science experiments

Combine batteries, play dough and small lightbulbs to create a fun experiment all about creating electrical circuits. PBS Parents has a guide on how to make the special play dough used in the experiment below.

Or maybe you want to explore a bit about density and polarity. Great way to do that is with oil and water.

Find some more great science tips and ideas from PBS Parents.

Pillow and blanket forts

Not much else needs to be said. Just use this handy guide to get you started. Christmas lights are a great addition as long has they haven't been put away for the season.

Baking at home

Granted, you have to have all the ingredients to pull these ideas off, but if you lucked out, who wouldn't want to make meringue snowballs and snack the day away.

There's a lot of other great ideas from the Food Network as well, including Tomato-Basil Focaccia Bread or apple bread.

Arts and Crafts, indoors and outdoors

Break out the construction paper and safety scissors with some of these craft ideas from

If you have Popsicle sticks and acrylic paint, you can make colorful Popsicle stick snowflakes

And here's ten craft ideas to make with chenille stems, which some call "pipe cleaners".

Snow activities

If the snowfall has settled down, maybe it's time to bundle up and head outside. Consider building a snow fort, or a snowman. Head over to the closest sledding hill and take a toboggan for a few trips.

Want to try something a bit more original? Try making snow paint (It's actually just water and food
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