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When it comes to sex, Minnesota State says 'yes means yes'

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Leaders in the Minnesota State colleges and universities system say its students and staff need to get clear and unambiguous consent before having sex on campus or face possible consequences.

Minnesota State trustees Wednesday backed the new policy, which applies to faculty, staff and the 375,000 students on its 54 campuses.

• 2015 study: Nearly 1 in 4 women at the U sexually assaulted

The intent is to clarify affirmative consent, said Clyde Pickett, the system's chief diversity officer.

"There is no consent if there's coercion, intimidation or threats," he said. "We use this as an opportunity to share broad information and to impact a safe environment for all of our students."

Student calls for the policy helped drive its adoption by the Minnesota State board, he added. "We want to make sure for all our students there is a safe space and we provide support as it relates to our students."

The University of Minnesota and university systems in other states also have affirmative consent
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