Conservative Think Tank Says Earmarks in PA up 21 Million Dollars This Year

Posted by Katie Meyer | WITF on

The Commonwealth Foundation has tracked down 61 million dollars in earmarks—up significantly from 35 million last year.

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Out Of This World Opportunities In Our Area During the "Summer of Space"

Posted by Chris Norton on

There are many special events around our region celebrating this 50th anniversary of the first moon landing.

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PA Auditor General Says PA High School Standardized Test A Waste of Taxpayer Money

Posted by Naomi Brauner | Keystone Crossroads on

Pennsylvania’s auditor general is urging the state to get rid of its high school standardized test.

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PennDOT Adopt-A-Highway Program Celebrates 30 Years

Posted by Paul Lazar on

The Adopt-A-Highway program saves PennDOT close to 5 million dollars a year

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Delaware Highlands Conservancy Celebrates 25th Anniversary

Posted by Lisa Mazzarella on

Environmental hikes, eagle watches and a genuine appreciation of all nature provides; the Delaware Highlands Conservancy soars on the success of 25 years.

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PA to add Anxiety Disorder & Tourette Syndrome to List of Qualifying Conditions For Medical Marijuana

Posted by WITF / Transforming Health on

The Pennsylvania Department of Health is adding anxiety disorder and Tourette syndrome to the list of qualifying medical conditions for people to get medical marijuana.

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Clearing Up the Uncertainties of Hemp

Posted by Rachel McDevitt | WITF on

Researchers look to clear up misconceptions after PA approved 300 farming permits this season

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Natural Treasures on Display at Salt Springs State Park

Posted by Lisa Mazzarella on

Take your first step on a trail at Salt Springs State Park, and prepare to become one with nature's story.

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Norman Mailer, the Moon Landing, New Journalism, and More

Posted by Erika Funke on

A conversation with J. Michael Lennon, Norman Mailer's authorized biographer

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PA to Offer Aid to School Districts to Pay for Accommodations for Homebound Students

Posted by Associated Press on

Gov. Tom Wolf signed the bill last week after it passed the Legislature unanimously.

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Universities Utilize Federal Grant To Look Into Opioid Use in Appalachia

Posted by Sarah Boden | WESA on

New grant explores why Appalachia has been disproportionately affected by the opioid epidemic.

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Bedtime Stories in the 21st Century

Posted by Lisa Mazzarella on

Honesdale librarian Betty Lawson has a new take on telling bedtime stories.

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US vaccine panel downgrades pneumonia shot recommendation

Posted by Mike Stobee | AP on

The Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices said routine vaccination with Pfizer's Prevnar 13 shot was no longer necessary for all healthy people 65 and older.

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Civil-Rights Watchdogs Question Necessity of Marcy’s Law

Posted by Andrea Sears on

An amendment to the state Constitution promoted as enshrining the rights of crime victims may be on the Pennsylvania ballot in November, but opponents fear it could do more harm than good.

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Supreme Court ruling confirms property rights aren’t second-class rights

Posted by Associated Press on

The Supreme Court is siding with a Pennsylvania woman in a case that gives citizens another way to pursue claims when they believe states and local governments have harmed their property rights.

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