Fish For Free on the Fourth in PA

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With the Independence Day Holiday approaching, the PA Fish and Boat Commission will offer a fish for free day on July 4th. Mike Parker, communications director for the PFBC says anglers have their choice of waterways in the Commonwealth to cast a line:

It truly is what it says. In Pennsylvania, whether you're coming into town to visit with family and friends for the annual cookout, or you're a Pennsylvania resident, you can fish for free without having a license for the day. From the time the time the sun comes up until it goes down on July 4th, no license is required to fish. All you have to do is just abide by all of our other fish and boat regulations.

Basic safety stuff - stick with a group, stick with someone that you can count on to call out to if you run into a little bit of trouble. Ultimately, if you're at a local state park, there's usually pretty good fishing access and it's usually pretty safe.

If you're brining somebody along fishing for the first time and introducing them to the sport on a fish for free day, give them a couple of practice casts; make them understand that casting a lure with a sharp hook on the end of it can be a little bit dangerous. A couple of practice casts with the tackle that you plan on using is another way to stay safe.

Parker says the PA Fish and Boat Commission has also provided specific waters for some of the best places to fish in the state. Locations can be accessed and downloaded free at or by using the FishBoatPA Mobile App.

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