PA ACA Marketplace Users to See More Options, Rate Increase

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The Pennsylvania Insurance Department says people that use the Affordable Care Act marketplace will see more options, and a slight rate increase, for 2020. 

Across the commonwealth, the average premium increase for people on the ACA is expected to be just under 5%. That's according to requested rate increases from insurers, which still have to be approved by the department. 

Insurance commissioner Jessica Altman says with Oscar Health Insurance entering into the Philadelphia region, and Highmark Health moving into 14 new counties, people will have more options. 

"In fact, over the last two years, the number of counties with only one insurer offering coverage fell from twenty to six.”

ACA enrollment is slightly down from 2018. Altman says that’s partly due to more people getting employer-based insurance, noting that the overall uninsured rate is 5.5%, the lowest on record in PA.

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