PA Records Office to PUC: Release Pipeline Potential Disaster Info.

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Eric Friedman of Delaware county lives near the cross-state mariner east lines which carry highly-volatile natural gas liquids. At a public meeting, he asked the PUC's head of pipeline safety if he knew of a blast-radius estimate for the pipelines. He did, so Friedman sent off a right-to-know request. He knows there are public risk assessments by independent contractors, but he wants what the PUC has.

“You know when we have the records then we'll know sort of what the PUC knew and when exactly it knew it. And I think that's what the PUC is determined to avoid the public finding out.”

The commission denied his original request, but on appeal the open records office ruled some records should be public. The PUC is now appealing to commonwealth court. It declined to comment on the open records case.

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