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Folk Legends: Isn't This A Time

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Airs Monday, March 5th at 9:30p, Tuesday, March 6th at 2:30a, Saturday, March 10th at 1:30p, Sunday, March 11th at 12:30a on WVIA-TV

FOLK LEGENDS: ISN’T THIS A TIME! is perhaps one of the greatest folk concerts of all time. The Weavers, Peter, Paul & Mary, Pete Seeger and Arlo Guthrie performed together at Carnegie Hall in 2003 and now that concert is being televised for the first time on PBS. This last gathering of these legendary folk artists was also the last in a series of annual concerts at Carnegie Hall that was produced by the late folk impresario Harold Leventhal.

FOLK LEGENDS: ISN’T THIS A TIME! is linked to the famous 1955 Carnegie Hall concert by the Weavers that was masterminded by Harold Leventhal to defy the blacklist and to restore The Weavers’ right to perform publicly. Some music historians attribute the start of the modern folk revival to that historic performance. Pete Seeger and Arlo Guthrie continued the tradition of the 1955 concert by holding annual concerts at Carnegie Hall every Thanksgiving. The Weavers, Pete Seeger and Arlo Guthrie were managed by Leventhal, who also promoted some of the first concerts by Peter, Paul & Mary. The performances in this concert are strong and emotional and the artists themselves considered them among their best. 

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