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Hugs and Knishes: A Celebration of our Jewish Foods and Traditions

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Airs Friday, December 2nd at 7p, Saturday, December 3rd at 3p, Tuesday, December 13th at 7p and Wednesday, December 14th at 2a on WVIA-TV

“Hugs and Knishes” brings together mouthwatering moments to explore the rich history of Jewish food and its cultural impact on the community. The film visits a variety of homes for anecdotes of Jewish life and demonstrates the universal cultural truth that “We are what we eat.” “Hugs and Knishes” blends cultural snippets of home life, holiday gatherings and history together like the ingredients of a favorite grandmother’s Shabbat chicken soup to celebrate food as a link to the past and a hope for the future. Throughout, favorite recipes are shared and stories are flavored with the melodies of holidays and songs from the great Yiddish theater tradition. Featuring actor Fyvush Finkel, in one of his last interviews, actress Tovah Feldshuh and former New York City Mayor Ed Koch, along with generations of Jewish families.

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