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Muslim-Americans Remain Anxious About Trump Administration

Last Updated by Tom Gjelten on

In one community where many emigrated from harsh nations, the president-elect's rhetoric brings worries of renewed repression. Cabinet nominees' opposition to a registry hasn't erased those concerns.

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Menopause Mystery: Why Do Female Killer Whales Experience The Change Of Life?

Last Updated by Nell Greenfieldboyce on

Killer whales are one of only three species known to have menopause. Researchers are looking at the conflict and cooperation between older and younger female whales to understand why.

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Blockchain Could Be A Force For Good. But First You Have To Understand It

Last Updated by Malaka Gharib on

As they say, it's complicated. But blockchain technology could be a boon for the world's poorest places.

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A Former Education Secretary's Advice For Betsy DeVos

Last Updated by Claudio Sanchez on

Margaret Spellings was secretary of education under George W. Bush. She says Donald Trump's ambivalence about the federal role in education raises interesting questions.

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Trump Pressures Congress To Replace Obamacare Quickly

Last Updated by Hansi Lo Wang on

President-elect Donald Trump told The Washington Post he's close to unveiling a health care plan he expects Congress to pass soon. But GOP lawmakers are in no hurry to replace the Affordable Care Act.

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A Clown Says Farewell To The Circus

Last Updated on

Murray Horwitz began his career as a clown on the Ringling Brothers, Barnum & Bailey Circus. With the Greatest Show on Earth planning its last performances this spring, he remembers that experience.

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A Year Later, Iran Nuclear Deal OK, But Road Ahead Could Be Rocky

Last Updated on

A new report from the International Crisis Group says the U.S.-Iran nuclear deal has lived up to its promises. But President-elect Trump has called the deal horrible, leaving its future unclear.

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From Dream To Reality: The Martin Luther King Holiday

Last Updated on

Cokie Roberts remembers the political climate in 1983 when the bill to give Martin Luther King Junior his own holiday finally passed, and the years-long battle for it to be adopted nationwide.

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Gene Cernan, Last Man To Walk On The Moon, Dies At 82

Last Updated by Russell Lewis on

Cernan flew in space three times, took the second American spacewalk, and was just as thrilled to walk on the moon as if he had been the first to do it.

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How Chickens Shifted From Sacred To Diet Staple

Last Updated by Kelly McEvers on

For the last three years, researchers in the United Kingdom have been studying the lowly chicken, and they say there's much more to the ubiquitous bird than many people realize.

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In Lead Up To Inauguration, Trump Comments On Obamacare, NATO

Last Updated by Scott Horsley on

Days before his inauguration, Donald Trump is weighing in on hot button issues such as Obamacare and the relevance of NATO.

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Inventor Who Made Chinese Easier To Read, Dies

Last Updated by Louisa Lim on

The inventor of Pinyin, a system that converted Chinese characters into words with the Roman alphabet, died on Saturday. Zhou Youguang was 111 years old.

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Mexico's Front Seat In The Global Auto Industry

Last Updated by Sonari Glinton on

Mexico has become a crucial manufacturing hub for all the major global automakers. Access to markets and duty-free exports are a big reason why.

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More Prisoners Moved From Guantanamo Bay

Last Updated on

Oman's Foreign Ministry announced Monday it is accepting 10 more detainees from the Guantanamo Bay prison. Carol Rosenberg of The Miami Herald provides an on the status of the prison.

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'Robot Lawyer' Makes The Case Against Parking Tickets

Last Updated by Arezou Rezvani on

The online service DoNotPay has helped motorists in London, New York City and Seattle overturn more than 200,000 parking tickets, the creator says. Now, the service is expanding across the U.S.

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Gene Cernan, Last Man To Walk On The Moon, Dies At 82

Cernan flew in space three times, took the second American spacewalk, and was just as thrilled to walk on the moon...

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