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92 Percent Of African-Americans Say Black Americans Face Discrimination Today

Last Updated by Karen Grigsby Bates on

A survey looks at who feels discriminated against in America. The short answer: everyone, but for different reasons. And for some, it's nothing new. NPR's Code Switch team reports.

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As Trump Proposes Tax Cuts, Kansas Deals With Aftermath Of Experiment

Last Updated by Samantha Raphelson on

In 2012, the Kansas government passed massive tax cuts, which Republican Gov. Sam Brownback promised would deliver "a shot of adrenaline" to the economy. But the experiment did the exact opposite.

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Money May Not Shield Prosperous Blacks From Bigotry, Survey Says

Last Updated by Brakkton Booker on

A study by NPR, Harvard and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation finds African-Americans making more than $75,000 report experiencing higher levels of discrimination than those making less.

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The Gould That Didn't Glitter: New Box Set Of 'Goldberg Variations' Outtakes

Last Updated by Tom Huizenga, Robert Siegel on

In 1955, a little known Canadian pianist recorded the Goldberg Variations. The album launched Glenn Gould's career and popularized Bach's music. Now the complete recording sessions have been issued.

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Virginia School Board Set To Rename J.E.B. Stuart High School

Last Updated by Brakkton Booker on

After a two-year battle between "Keepers," who want the name to stay, and "Changers," who believe it represents the history of racism, the board is expected to remove the name Thursday.

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California's Bail System Is 'Unsafe And Unfair,' Study Finds

Last Updated by Eric Westervelt on

A new report urges the largest state court system in America to phase out the use of commercial bail and replace it with a robust risk-assessment system.

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Eminem Wins Copyright Infringement Battle Against New Zealand National Party

Last Updated by Sidney Madden on

The New Zealand political party has been ordered to pay Eminem's publishing company nearly $500,000 in damages.

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As California's Population Grows, People Are Moving Into More Fire-Prone Areas

Last Updated by Lauren Sommer on

As Santa Rosa begins rebuilding from the wildfires, the city will have to address the alarming trend of sprawl in to fire-prone areas. It's a little-discussed aspect of the state's housing crisis.

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Italian Runner Wins Venice Marathon After All The Favorites Take A Wrong Turn

Last Updated by Colin Dwyer on

In a bizarre twist, the city's own Eyob Ghebrehiwet Faniel won after leading racers followed a motorcycle off course. In the process, Faniel became the first local to win the marathon in 22 years.

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Trump, Supporters Go On Offense After Report Of Clinton Tie To Dossier

Last Updated by Ryan Lucas on

The president and his allies argue that since Hillary Clinton paid for the infamous dossier, that means it's a political hatchet job and so is the Russia imbroglio.

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Senate Kills Rule On Class-Action Suits Against Financial Companies

Last Updated by Scott Neuman, Chris Arnold on

The rule, released by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau in July, was aimed at "forced arbitration" clauses in consumer agreements with banks and credit card companies.

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In Major Reversal, Iraqi Kurds Offer To Freeze Their Independence Bid

Last Updated by Merrit Kennedy on

Iraqi military forces have recently retaken control of areas held by Kurdish forces, such as the city of Kirkuk. Today's offer from the Kurdish government is not likely to defuse the crisis.

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Episode 801: The Death Show

Last Updated by Sonari Glinton, Stacey Vanek Smith, Sally Helm, Bryant Urstadt on

Today on the show: death. We have four stories about how people prepare for death and what they leave behind for the living.

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Your Questions About Activism In Sports, Answered

Last Updated by Jacob Pinter, Ashley Brown on

Why is the anthem played at sporting events? Do athletes have a positive impact on political or social change in the U.S.? Here are some answers to questions from our call-out on sports and activism.

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How Black Americans See Discrimination

Last Updated by Gene Demby on

A new survey from NPR shows that black people often feel differently about discrimination depending on their gender, how old they are, how much they earn and whether they live in cities or suburbs.

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