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Japanese Breakfast: Tiny Desk Concert

Last Updated by Marissa Lorusso on

For this Tiny Desk concert, Japanese Breakfast's Michelle Zauner replaced her gauzy synths with a string quartet. The result is something to behold.

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'Mondays' Still A Mess In Fats Domino's World

Last Updated by Marc Silver on

In this cover of Domino's "Blue Monday," the wry, dry voice belongs to the great Randy Newman, who's usually at his best when he sings about how much life sucks.

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Jackie Shane, A Force Of Nature Who Disappeared, Has A Story All Her Own

Last Updated by Alison Fensterstock on

The performances of this trailblazing transgender singer — once radically visible, now long hidden — have been likened to tornadoes. A new box set is a document of a career that never followed rules.

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The Story Of Fats Domino's 'Ain't That A Shame'

Last Updated by Nick Spitzer on

This enduring hit showcases Domino's individual talents, and the early power of New Orleans music.

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Hear Two Versions Of Kevin Morby's New Single, 'Baltimore'

Last Updated by Salvatore Maicki on

The City Music singer will donate all proceeds from his new song to Baltimore's Believe In Music education program.

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New Music From Tiny Desk Contest Winner Gaelynn Lea, 'Bound By A Thread'

Last Updated by Bob Boilen on

Hear a stunning new song from our 2016 Tiny Desk Contest winner, Gaelynn Lea.

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Tens Of Thousands Gather In Bangkok Ahead Of Royal Cremation Ceremony

Last Updated by Scott Neuman on

The revered King Bhumibol Adulyadej died in October 2016, with his remains lying in state at the royal palace in Bangkok. The ceremony will conclude a year of mourning for the Thai people.

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John Hodgman And The Three Wildernesses Of 'Vacationland'

Last Updated by Linda Holmes on

Author, comedian, and fake internet judge John Hodgman talks about his new book Vacationland, mediating internet disputes, writing a serious book after a lot of fake facts, and lots more.

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When Robert Guillaume Played Aaron Sorkin's First Unforgettable Leader

Last Updated by Linda Holmes on

Robert Guillaume, who died Tuesday at 89, played a great many roles on television and onstage. His work on the short-lived series Sports Night was one that led the way for other great characters.

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'Mindhunter' Is A Procedural That Finds A New Way To Proceed

Last Updated by Glen Weldon on

Mindhunter's first episode promises The X-Files for serial killers. Instead, this Netflix series hews closer to Masters of Sex, placing viewers at the troubled, and troubling, birth of a new science.

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Need Help In Puerto Rico? Here's $100

Last Updated by Malaka Gharib on

If Karian Batista had $100, she would buy food. "I don't have enough for the kids," she says. Distributing cash, a growing trend in aid, gives people "dignity and choice," one organization says.

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Tiny Montana Firm Gets $300 Million Contract To Help Restore Power In Puerto Rico

Last Updated by Nicky Ouellet, Laurel Wamsley on

The decision by Puerto Rico's electric authority to give such a big contract — and such an enormous challenge — to Whitefish Energy has been met with surprise. The governor has now ordered an audit.

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Dodgers, Astros Prepare For A Hot And Sweaty Game 1 In LA

Last Updated on

Los Angeles will host its first World Series in 29 years. The National League Dodgers face off tomorrow night against the American League Houston Astros — and it's going to get heated.

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Songs We Love: Porches, 'Find Me'

Last Updated by Salvatore Maicki on

The latest single from Porches' third album, The House, is anxiety you can dance to, painted with a throbbing '90s house beat and chirping vocal blips.

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6 Weeks After Hurricane Irma, Daily Life Remains A Struggle On U.S. Virgin Islands

Last Updated on

NPR's Ari Shapiro speaks to Gerry Yandel, executive editor of The Virgin lslands Daily News, about what life is like for those living on the islands more than a month after Hurricanes Irma and Maria.

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