Saturday Sports: Women's World Cup, U.S. Open

Last Updated by Tom Goldman on

The Women's World Cup is under way, with exciting matches and some controversy as well.

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Sudan Protests Update

Last Updated by Eyder Peralta on

Protesters are continuing to pressure Sudan's military junta to cede power to a democratically elected civilian government.

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Supreme Court Term Nears End, With Big Decisions To Come

Last Updated by Nina Totenberg on

Time in the Supreme Court's current term is running out and the justices have a large number of decisions to hand down.

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Week In Politics

Last Updated by Ron Elving on

President Trump now says he would alert the FBI if a foreign power offered him dirt on a political opponent.

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Why Safer Cars Don't Lead To Cheaper Car Insurance ... Yet

Last Updated by Camila Domonoske on

Many new cars have optional features that can help prevent accidents. But those same features also make repairs more expensive. The result? Premiums can go up for cars that are less likely to crash.

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Drake Celebrates Toronto Raptors NBA Championship With 'The Best In The World Pack'

Last Updated by Sidney Madden on

The Toronto rapper celebrates as if he was the one sweating on the court. "I wish that I was playing in a sport where we were getting rings / I wouldn't have space on either hand for anything."

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Retailers Ask Trump To Stop Tariff Threats On China

Last Updated by Amy Scott on

More than 600 companies — such as retail giants like Walmart, Target, Macy's and Gap — and trade groups fear tariffs will lead to job loss and will harm both consumers and the U.S. economy.

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Pass The Brazier: Early Evidence Of Cannabis Smoking Found On Chinese Artifacts

Last Updated by Pien Huang on

Humans have been smoking pot to get high since the first millennium B.C. Archaeologists have found early evidence of cannabis use from wooden bowls exhumed from ancient tombs in western China.

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In 'Tell Me How You Really Feel,' A Touching, TV-Inspired Love Story

Last Updated by Alethea Kontis on

Aminah Mae Safi's new young adult novel is rooted in a famous plot arc from the television show Gilmore Girls — but you don't have to be a fan to enjoy this dense, fulfilling love story.

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Oh Dear: Photos Show What Humans Have Done To The Planet

Last Updated by Rebecca Ellis, Jonathan Lambert on

Some scientists say we've entered a new geological epoch — the anthropocene era — defined by the human impact on the global landscape. Three artists traveled to 22 countries to see what we've wrought.

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Hong Kong Leader Suspends Controversial Extradition Bill

Last Updated by Anthony Kuhn on

The bill, to allow criminal suspects to be extradited to mainland China, triggered massive protests in the territory. Chief Executive Carrie Lam said she was concerned about further unrest.

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Tracing The Expanding Definition Of Fatherhood

Last Updated by Cameron Pollack on

After his son's birth, Dirk Anschütz photographed fathers and sons for six years. "There's a lot of change going on right now regarding what fatherhood means, what masculinity means," he says.

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Democratic Debate Lineup: Sanders And Biden To Face Off

Last Updated by Danielle Kurtzleben on

The former vice president and Vermont senator will be together on the second night of the Democratic debate. Sens. Elizabeth Warren, Cory Booker and Amy Klobuchar will share a stage the night before.

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Mexico Is Overwhelmed By Asylum Claims As It Ramps Up Immigration Enforcement

Last Updated by James Fredrick on

Mexico pledged to ramp up immigration enforcement and let asylum-seekers wait on its side of the border. But on its own southern border, migrant detention centers are already overcrowded.

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Fear Of Foreign Interference In U.S. Elections Dates From Nation's Founding

Last Updated by Ron Elving on

The comments of President Trump regarding foreign governments offering negative information about a political rival have renewed fears as old as the republic itself.

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