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Insta-worthy Radio Reporters

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Many public radio reporters are talented Instagrammers, snapping whatever catches their eye during reporting trips.

NPR journalists are often on the road and that makes them interesting to follow on social media as they post tweets or photos from wherever the story takes them.

You can learn a lot about National Political Correspondent Don Gonyea from following his Instagram account, not only about his eternal search for #GreatMomentsinAmericanNeon but also about his reporting philosophy. He always finds time to visit a museum or local attraction, he sets the scene and like he said in an interview with Monocle last year, he wants "listeners to feel like they're in that extra seat in the rental car." Following Don's Instagram account allows you to see the country through his eyes and find unexpected Edward Hopper paintings or great architecture. Don recently took over the @NPRPolitics Instagram account adding portraits of people he interviewed and places he visited while reporting on the first 100 days of the Trump administration.

NPR's correspondent in London, Frank Langfitt has been in Paris this week covering the French elections with Eleanor Beardsley.

"When I got off deadline, which was almost always after 9:30 p.m., I would pick up a ham and cheese crepe at a truck near where I was staying in Saint-Germain-des-Prés and walk the city — sometimes past midnight — taking photos with my iPhone."

Special correspondent Melissa Block has been on the road for a series called Our Land that has taken her from Mississippi to Alaska, by way of Michigan and New Mexico. She has been reporting from communities large and small capturing how people's identity is shaped by where they live. Her Instagram account reflects Melissa's beautiful reporting and eye for detail. Elissa Nadworny has been taking all the photos for the series and posts many outtakes and behind the scenes in her own account.

Want to see more Instagram moments?

We are going to be featuring public radio journalists in our corporate Instagram account, tweet at us at @NPRExtra to let us know some you'd like to see from your local station too.

Isabel Lara is NPR's senior director of media relations, find her on Instagram at @isalara.

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