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Call the Doctor - Understanding Breast Cancer

Wednesday, October 3rd - 7pm

Breast Cancer is the second leading cause of death among women. The good news is that the number of deaths is dropping thanks to better screening and early detection. Many symptoms of breast cancer are invisible and patients won’t know they have the disease without professional screenings like mammograms. Learn more about how breast cancer is diagnosed and what kind of treatments are out there. 


Call the Doctor - Pulmonary Disease: Every Breath Counts

Wednesday, October 10th

Pulmonary Disease is one of the most common medical conditions in the world. Millions of people in the United States suffer from some form of lung disease, including asthma, bronchitis, emphysema and black lung disease. Smoking, genetics, and infections are all factors for why someone may develop one or more disease. 


Decision 2018 Congressional Debates

The 2018 WVIA Congressional Debates will broadcast live from the Sordoni High-Definition Theater at the WVIA Studios on Monday, October 29th & Tuesday, October 30th starting at 7 p.m. on WVIA TV. The debates will also be simulcast live on WVIA FM and streamed live at wvia.org. The moderator will be WVIA's Larry Vojtko. 

8th Congressional District Debate - (I) Matt Cartwright & John Chrin

Monday, October 29th 7pm

Encore airings: Tuesday, October 30th 4pm, Thursday, November 1st 8pm, Sunday, November 4th 12pm, 2pm, 4pm


9th Congressional District Debate - Denny Wolff & Dan Meuser

Tuesday, October 30th 7pm

Encore airings: Wednesday, October 31st 4pm, Thursday, November 1st 9pm, Sunday, November 4th 1pm, 3pm, 5pm


Bucknell University Presents Emily Wilson - Translating The Odyssey Again: Why & How

Thursday, October 4th 9pm

Emily Wilson, professor of classical studies at the University of Pennsylvania and author of the first known complete English translation by a woman of Homer’s The Odyssey presents “Translating The Odyssey Again: Why & How” in Bucknell Hall on the campus of Bucknell University. W.W. Norton & Company published Wilson’s translation of The Odyssey last November. Her other books include The Death of Socrates (2007) and a translation of selected tragedies by Seneca (2010). The classics editor of the Norton Anthology of World Literature for many years, Wilson published The Greatest Empire: A Life of Seneca (2014), and four translations of plays by Euripides in Modern Library Classics’ The Greek Plays (2016).  She is working on new translations of Oedipus Tyrannos and the Iliad, as well as a book about translation. Encore airings: Friday, October 5th 3pm, Sunday, October 14th 3pm, Thursday, October 25th 9pm, Friday, October 26th 3pm, Sunday, October 28th 1:30pm


POV: Dark Money

Monday, October 1st 10pm  

This documentary examines one of the greatest present threats to American democracy: the influence of untraceable corporate money on our elections and elected officials. The film takes viewers to Montana -- a frontline in the fight to preserve fair elections nationwide. There, we follow a local journalist working to expose the real-life impacts of the U.S. Supreme Court's Citizens United decision. Through this gripping story, “Dark Money” uncovers the shocking and vital truth of how American elections are bought and sold. 


Great Performances - Grammy Salute To Music Legends 2018

Friday, October 5th 9pm

The Recording Academy honors its 2018 Special Merit Awards recipients with this awards ceremony and tribute concert. This year's Lifetime Achievement Award honorees include Neil Diamond, Emmylou Harris, Queen, and Tina Turner. The concert features rare performances by honorees and new renditions by those they've inspired. 


The Circus: American Experience

Part 1 - Monday, October 8th 9pm,  Part 2 - Tuesday, October 9th 9pm  

This 2 part series follows the rise and fall of the gigantic, traveling tented railroad circus. It recounts the era when Circus Day could shut down a town, and circus stars were among the most famous people in the country. For many Americans, the circus embodied the improbable and the impossible, the exotic and the spectacular. Through the intertwined stories of several of the most innovative and influential impresarios of the late 19th century, the series reveals the circus was a uniquely American entertainment created by a rapidly expanding and industrializing nation. Now out of step with current sensibilities. 


Shakespeare Uncovered

Friday, October 12th 9pm & 10pm, Friday, October 19th 9:30pm & 10:30pm, Friday, October 26th 9pm & 10pm

Returning for a third season, this series combines history, biography, iconic performance, analysis and the personal passion of its hosts -- Ethan Hawke, Jeremy Irons, Derek jacobi, Trevor Nunn, Joely Richardson and David Tennant -- to tell the story behind the stories of Shakespeare's greatest plays. Each episode combines interviews with actors, directors and scholars, along with visits to key locations, clips from some of the most celebrated film and television adaptations and illustrative excerpts from the plays especially staged for the series at Shakespeare's Globe in London  


God Knows Where I Am

Monday, October 15th 10pm 

Discover the story of Linda Bishop, a New Hampshire mother who suffered from severe bipolar disorder with psychosis. She imprisoned herself in an abandoned farmhouse and remained there, a prisoner of her own mind, eventually starving to death.  

Autumnwatch New England

Wednesday thru Thursday, October 17-19th 8pm  

Travel to the colorful landscapes of New England, meet a cast of unforgettable wildlife characters, and experience some of the best autumn has to offer, including leaf gazing, pumpkin carving and cranberry harvesting, in this live production. 

The Woman in White

Sundays at 10pm October 21st thru November 18th 

This series is a period drama based on the Victorian gothic novel by Wilkie Collins. When a young drawing master encounters a spectral woman dressed in all white on a dark road on Hampstead Heath, he is drawn into a web of intrigue that will transform his life forever. After offering his assistance to the strange woman, he is shocked to discover that she had just escaped from a nearby insane asylum.  Ben Hardy, Jessie Buckley, and Charles Dance star. 


Native America

Tuesdays at 9pm beginning October 23rd thru November 13th

This four-part series challenges everything we thought we knew about the Americas before and since contact with Europe. It travels through 15,000 years to showcase massive cities, unique systems of science, art, and writing, and 100 million people connected by social networks and spiritual beliefs of the first peoples spanning two continents. The series reveals some of the most advanced cultures in human history and the Native American people who created it and whose legacy continues, to this day. 


Nature - Super Cats

Wednesdays at 8pm October 24th thru November 7th

Everyone loves big cats, but what do we really know about them? There is far more to these charismatic and misunderstood animals than just being the world's top predators. Cats have their tender side -- they are emotional and intelligent while being social and are devoted parents. Filmed over 600 days in 14 countries, featuring 31 species of cats, this series uncovers the secret lives of big cats and introduces behaviors captured on film for the first time, using the latest camera technology and scientific research. From the solitary bachelor snow leopard in the Himalayas, to the elusive swamp tiger of South Asia, to a remarkably efficient Californian bobcat that is blind in one eye, NATURE brings these animal superstars out of the shadows and reveals how cats survive and thrive in all four corners of the globe. Advances in technology allowed for several on-camera firsts, including the nocturnal pursuits of a tiny but deadly black-footed cat in South Africa who hunts more in one night than a leopard does in six months. Remote cameras capture exclusive intimate moments between a mother Pallas' cat and her kittens. Low-light technology exposes a true rarity: a puma preying on Magellanic penguins, one of the few successful hunts ever caught on film. 


Independent Lens: Wildland

Monday, October 29th 10pm  

Wildland tells the story of a single wildland firefighting crew as they struggle with fear, loyalty, love and defeat all over the course of a single fire season. What emerges is a story of a small group of working-class men, their exterior world, their interior lives, and the fire that lies between. 

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