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President Trump goes to Europe — and satirists have a field day

Last Updated by Carol Hills on

Satirists love US President Donald Trump and his journey to Europe and Britain has provided a non-stop supply of comments, gestures and tweets for satirists to lampoon.

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In Paraguay, fighting for women’s rights means fighting the past

Last Updated by Rupa Shenoy on

Thirty years after a US-backed dictator was overthrown, Paraguayan women still struggle under the oppression he imposed.

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French national soccer players of immigrant ancestry face harsher critics at the World Cup

Last Updated by Stephen Schmidt on

The synergy that has propelled the French national team to the title game in the most recent World Cup in Russia has been colorblind — but French citizens and fans have not.

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Philadelphia ice cream is a luxury in China ... with a scoop of import tax

Last Updated by Jason Margolis on

What's it like to deal with a tariff? Ask a Philadelphia ice cream maker who exports to China.

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The story behind why Paraguay followed the US and moved its embassy to Jerusalem

Last Updated by Rupa Shenoy on

Jews who fled Europe after WWII are still influencing Paraguay and the country's relationship with Israel today.

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In Mexico City, if you want cheese in your quesadilla, you have to ask

Last Updated by Maya Kroth on

What do you mean, a quesadilla doesn’t always come with cheese? What else is a quesadilla if not a tortilla plus cheese?

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This mother and daughter have been reunited, but there is still much of their life they need to put back together

Last Updated by Rupa Shenoy on

Sandy González-García and her mother Angélica were separated for 55 days. Back together now, they still have a lot to work out about their new lives in the US.

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An iconic image challenged the politics of Cuban Americans

Last Updated by Julienne Gage on

Photographer Alan Díaz died on Tuesday at age 71. His 2000 image of the Cuban boy Elián González being taken by force from his American relatives endures.

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This Afropop band's founders are both refugees from Africa, but they met on a Vermont soccer field

Last Updated by April Peavey, Rupa Shenoy on

The name of the Afropop band A2VT stands for Africa to Vermont. Based in Burlington, Vermont, the band's founders were originally refugees from Africa.

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'For people like you, there is no law'

Last Updated by Sarah Barrett on

A bill could allow transgender people to change their sex on their identification, but Guatemala remains a dangerous country for those who identify as trans.

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With pipeline decision, Canada's Trudeau draws ire of environmental supporters

Last Updated by Stephen Schmidt on

When Justin Trudeau was elected as the prime minister of Canada in 2015 he did so on a platform that pledged to reform the country's environmental laws. Recent news of the Canadian government agreeing to fund a sands oil pipeline extension has many who voted for him questioning his motives.

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Discussion: What trauma are separated migrant children now dealing with?

Last Updated by Steven Davy on

What are the potential health impacts on children who have been separated from their families at the border? Harvard's Dr. Jack Shonkoff, an expert on toxic stress in children, raises serious concerns about what the kids separated from their parents at the US-Mexico border might be experiencing and the long-term impacts of the trauma.

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Deporting asylum-seekers without giving them a chance to make their case would violate US and international laws

Last Updated by Angilee Shah, Lydia Emmanouilidou on

President Donald Trump’s tweets show an “ignorance of the law,” says immigration attorney Charles Kuck.

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Family separation under ‘zero-tolerance’ policy could leave lasting trauma in children, pediatric doctor says

Last Updated by Alexandra Botti, Stephen Schmidt on

It has become a hot-button topic in American politics. But beyond the numbers of children being separated from their parents at the border are very real, long-term effects from toxic stress, one expert says.

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Unprecedented wave of political violence rocks Mexico

Last Updated by Alice Driver on

As Mexico prepares for elections, 113 political candidates and eight journalists have been murdered since the election process began last September. According to a recent report on political violence, 72 percent of the violence targeted opposition candidates.

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