Mark Jury: Part 2 – Battling Demons

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Short Takes is going behind the lens of Waverly, PA photojournalist Mark Jury, who captured striking images from the frontlines of the Vietnam war that were published to great acclaim in The Vietnam Photo Book. We not only explore Mark’s work, but also the impact the war had on him and how he still struggles with PTSD from what he experienced decades ago. In Part 1, we took a look at Mark's journey to Vietnam and back.

Now, in Part 2, after publishing "The Vietnam Photo Book" to great acclaim, Mark enjoyed worldwide success as a photojournalist and documentary filmmaker. But he couldn't keep the demons of undiagnosed PTSD at bay forever. After decades of alcoholism, suicide attempts and madness, Mark finally takes steps toward long-term treatment and a way to move past his pain.

Warning: this video contains imagery that may be disturbing or inappropriate for some audiences.



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