Mod2 -- Kevin Chavez, oboe and Carol Ann Aicher, piano

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Sunday, May 22, 2016, 3:00pm

This varied program will include music from the classical through the modern eras; pieces written expressly for the oboe as well as transcriptions of songs to reveal the lyric nature of this indispensable double reed instrument.

The performers for this concert are one segment of a versatile performance group called “mod6” which consists of the traditional woodwind sextet instrumentation of flute, oboe, clarinet, horn, bassoon and piano.  The New York City based mod6 plays exciting standard literature written for this instrumentation as well as new works and arrangements tailored for the group such as Prokofiev’s Peter and the Wolf and Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody.  Mod6 aims to play music that is both musically fulfilling and engaging to any audience regardless of age or exposure to the traditional medium.  The term “mod” is reflective of the group’s ability to transform itself (or modularize) based on the literature chosen for the occasion.  Since there are two performers for this Simply Grand Concert, you will be seeing mod2, had there been a quintet, it would have been mod5.

Carol Ann Aicher, piano

We welcome back pianist Carol Ann Aicher. Last season she performed with soprano Barbara Liberasky-Nowicki. She enjoyed her time here so much she offered to return.

A native of Bucks County Pennsylvania, Carol Ann Aicher currently teaches graduate pedagogy at the Manhattan School of Music.  Her reputation as a performance coach has expanded her piano teaching studio to a diverse Performance Techniques studio, preparing all instruments for performance, competitions and auditions. Combining pedagogical, psychological and brain research she specifically targets how a performer can maximize learning/practicing and developing skills needed for peak performance.  Dr. Aicher also frequently presents workshops, lectures on pedagogy, and adjudicates various festivals and competitions.  Formerly she was Assistant Professor of Piano and Piano Pedagogy at West Chester University of Pennsylvania.

Carol Ann earned her Doctorate of Education in College Teaching at Columbia University Teachers College.  She holds a Masters of Music degree in Piano Performance from Manhattan School of Music as well as the Piano Pedagogy Certificate and a Bachelor of Music degree in Piano Performance with a minor in Music History from the Oberlin Conservatory of Music.  Her teachers have included Joseph Schwartz, Sedmara Rutstein, and Nina Lelchuk for performance and pedagogy with Vera Wills.  As both soloist and accompanist Carol Ann has performed at many venues such as Longwood Gardens, Strathmore Hall, Tampa Bay Performing Arts Center, Lincoln Center, Steinway Hall.  She is currently a member of mod6 Woodwind Sextet, Oberlin Piano Duo; one piano 4 hands team and a two piano team with her husband Douglas Lane.  Along with her Mod2 partner Kevin Chavez and host Ryan Michael Hartman they produce the weekly podcast “Greenroom Conversations: The Process Unplugged” an interview-based Podcast centered around the topic of how to “make it” in the performing arts (Classical Music and Broadway).  Interviewing established performers, composers, teachers, coaches, recording engineers, entrepreneurs, administrators, trustees, and entrepreneurs in the music community, their hope is to inspire students and those finding their own path to “making it” in the performing arts.  Visit for more information

Kevin Chavez, Oboes (yes, there are more than one type and Kevin plays them all)

Native Californian Kevin Chavez has been living in New York City since fall of 2010 in pursuit of exciting new musical ventures.  In May of 2012 Kevin graduated with his MM in English Horn performance from the Manhattan School of Music after coming back to music from a three-year hiatus.  In graduate school Kevin studied with Grammy Nominated Thomas Stacy, a 39 year veteran of the New York Philharmonic.  Having graduated in 2003 with a bachelor’s in music from California State University in Long Beach, Kevin studied with highly sought-after LA studio musician Joe Stone and Los Angeles Philharmonic’s solo English Horn player Carolyn Hove.  Kevin is also the owner and editor for “Reed eBooks,” which publishes the ground-breaking new series “Making Reeds Start to Finish.” Under Kevin’s guidance, Reed eBooks published its first volume with the acclaimed Dr. Nancy Ambrose King in August 2012 in Apple’s iBookstore exclusively for iPad and a second volume in 2014 by famed bassoonist George Sakakeeny, with still the third and fourth books being announced soon.  Currently, Kevin performs with the woodwind group “mod6” and in collaboration with Dr. Carol Ann Aicher is working on a performance/workshop series on the collaborative process and is co-host for the weekly podcast “Greenroom Conversations: The Process Unplugged”.  While they travel the United States performing, Kevin’s goal is to introduce music lovers to the wide variety of sounds that the Oboe/English Horn and Oboe d’amore can offer listeners and make oboe playing look cool and fun for inspiring young musicians.

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