In The Office

How do I get on In The Office?

I'm a musician that's interested but I have questions.....

OK, shoot.

Will more shows be taped?

Yes!… but not all the time. We tape these episodes in batches so keep checking back for when we will be premiering more episodes

Do I have to submit something?

We’d recommend it. Otherwise how would we know if you should come on the show?

What are the parameters to be considered?

To be considered for In The Office you must be an artist that has 12-15 minutes of original music (or about 3-4 songs). Because of rights issues the songs performed by any artist need to be their own. Any genre is welcome: Acoustic, Americana, Rock, Metal, Hip-Hop, Punk, Electronic, Shoegaze, Polka, Jazz, Latin, Yodel, Country, Ambient Animal Sounds… pretty much anything. If we dig it, it will make the cut.

If you have 12-15 minutes and you want to be considered… contact us! Send us as much as you can! The more we know about you or your bands music the better.

Things we recommend submitting:

  • your name (band name),
  • contact name – phone & email address.
  • Links to your songs / performances online / website or relevant social media links.

If you do not have online links but do have a cd or dvd please mail them to:

In The Office

100 WVIA Way

Pittston, PA 18640

Can my whole band of 23 people be involved?

Yes… within reason. It is a smaller space and we prefer In The Office to be stripped down or acoustic performances of a band’s songs (after all it is taped in an office during the work week), but if we can make it work we will. This is one we’d have to talk about and work out the logistics for.

What's the production like?

It’s pretty laid back to be honest. We like to laugh, joke and make sure that we have a relaxed environment to shoot in.

We usually tape around noon on Fridays and ask artists to arrive at 11am. Once the artist arrives they are brought back to the office where they setup, do a sound check and then can practice as the crew at WVIA gets cameras set & double checks the lighting. Once that’s done we record the performance live to tape. Before you know it, it’s already over.

Do we bring our own equipment or is it supplied?

Artists & Bands bring their own instruments, amps & speakers. We provide the mics & recording equipment.

Is there a contact?

There is! Feel free to E-mail any and all of your In The Office queries and information.

What's the process?

  1. Artist submits contact info and examples.
  2. WVIA listens to them, selects which artists fit best into the format to perform.
  3. WVIA Contacts artist to schedule the shoot date.
  4. Artist comes to the office and performs
  5. Once edited and mixed the video is uploaded to the WVIA On-Demand player for the world to see.

What if I have other questions????

Again, feel free to contact with any questions you might have. 



Special Thanks To Our Friends At NEPA Scene


The producers of IN THE OFFICE recently sat down to chat with WVIA-FM's Erika Funke about the show. Click here to listen to the interview: