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Short Takes is a new documentary web series produced by Via Studios Global. Featuring topics ranging from dramatic and edgy to cute, quirky, thrilling and more, VSG’s “Short Takes” aims to provide an entertaining look at the people and places that make Pennsylvania (and beyond) so unique. This bi-weekly web series is created by VSG’s award-winning team of producer/directors, offering fresh insights and engaging content in a cinematic indie-documentary style. 


A View from Apollo 11 Mission Control

Posted by Kris Hendrickson on

NASA flight director and Old Forge Native Glynn Lunney shares firsthand experiences

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Dianne Modestini: Exhuming History With Every Brushstroke

Last Updated by Kris Hendrickson on

Discover the craft, work ethic and philosophy that drives the art conservator responsible for restoring the world’s most expensive painting.

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DJs Helping Students Make the Right Choices

Last Updated by Kris Hendrickson on

DJ Choices spread the message of hope, fighting the Opioid epidemic with A/V flair.

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For This Motorcycle Collector, The Ride Never Ends

Posted by Jim Donnelly on

It started as a simple storage facility for collectible motorcycle parts. Now it’s a town.

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Take To The Sky

Last Updated by Drew Morgan on

Fly along with pilot Austin Shartle, one of the youngest airline captains in the world

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American Icon: Mack Trucks Historical Museum

Last Updated by John Mikulak on

Commemorating the legendary brand that literally helped build our nation

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Jim Cara: Guitar Builder to the Stars

Last Updated by Jim Donnelly on

Jim Cara is a custom guitar builder starting the Original Cara Hot Rod Guitars.

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A League of Her Own: Salty Sands Ferguson

Last Updated by Jim Donnelly on

The story of Salty Sands, member of the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League

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The Man Who Became Uncle Ted

Last Updated by Jim Donnelly on

Beyond his popular TV show... there's another side of Uncle Ted most people do not know

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Roller Derby: Past, Present and Future

Last Updated by Jim Donnelly on

Explore Roller Derby from its humble beginnings to its rise as a leading street sport

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