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Short Takes is a new documentary web series produced by Via Studios Global. Featuring topics ranging from dramatic and edgy to cute, quirky, thrilling and more, VSG’s “Short Takes” aims to provide an entertaining look at the people and places that make Pennsylvania (and beyond) so unique. This bi-weekly web series is created by VSG’s award-winning team of producer/directors, offering fresh insights and engaging content in a cinematic indie-documentary style. 


Houdini Museum

Posted by Jim Donnelly on

Learn all there is to know about the famous magician at this Scranton museum

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That's How You Make a Simple Gash!

Posted by John Mikulak on

VIA intern and makeup extraordinaire Tori Farr shows us the secrets behind Horror Movie Makeup

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Ronnie Sando: Rockabilly Trailblazer

Last Updated by Jim Donnelly on

Rockabilly Hall of Famer Ronnie Sando shares memories from his storied recording career

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Hope & Coffee

Posted by Jim Donnelly on

Visit a coffee shop that convenes community to support those affected by the opioid crisis

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Mark Jury: Part 2 – Battling Demons

Last Updated by John Mikulak on

Veteran Mark Jury couldn't keep the demons of undiagnosed PTSD at bay forever. After decades of alcoholism, suicide attempts and madness, Mark finally takes steps toward long-term treatment and a way to move past his pain.

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Mark Jury: Part 1 – Rock & Roll War Photographer

Posted by John Mikulak on

Go behind the lens of Vietnam War photographer Mark Jury

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Jane Alexander: Saving Our Wildlife

Posted by John Mikulak on

The Oscar-nominated star opens up about her passion for conservation

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A View from Apollo 11 Mission Control

Posted by Kris Hendrickson on

NASA flight director and Old Forge Native Glynn Lunney shares firsthand experiences

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Dianne Modestini: Exhuming History With Every Brushstroke

Last Updated by Kris Hendrickson on

Discover the craft, work ethic and philosophy that drives the art conservator responsible for restoring the world’s most expensive painting.

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DJs Helping Students Make the Right Choices

Last Updated by Kris Hendrickson on

DJ Choices spread the message of hope, fighting the Opioid epidemic with A/V flair.

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