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Short Takes is a new documentary web series produced by Via Studios Global. Featuring topics ranging from dramatic and edgy to cute, quirky, thrilling and more, VSG’s “Short Takes” aims to provide an entertaining look at the people and places that make Pennsylvania (and beyond) so unique. This bi-weekly web series is created by VSG’s award-winning team of producer/directors, offering fresh insights and engaging content in a cinematic indie-documentary style. 

The Man Who Became Uncle Ted

Most people know him as "Uncle Ted" from such shows as "Uncle Ted's Ghoul School" and "Uncle Ted's Monstermania". What many people don't know, however, was that Edwin L. Raub was a war hero, serving in the 82nd Airborne Division's 505th Parachute Infantry Regiment during World War II. Take a look back at the incredible life of Edwin "Uncle Ted" Raub.

Roller Derby: Past, Present & Future

Explore the origins of Roller Derby with its founder's son Jerry Seltzer, and discover the Roller Radicals, a group of local women who are part of a resurgence keeping the sport alive and strong today.

The Paths of Our Grandfathers

John Blackman Schooley inherited his late grandfather's Silver Star, a medal earned for heroism during World War I.  100 years after the end of The Great War, John traveled to France to retrace his grandfather's footsteps with the 109th Field Artillery during some of the bloodiest engagements in American history.

George Graham: Engineer & Pioneer

George Graham is a legend to music fans in Northeastern and Central Pennsylvania, for good reason. Explore the storied career of the venerable host, programmer and engineer from his beginnings in radio at Duke University through his establishment of WVIA-FM in the early 1970s to his work with Chiaroscuro Records and beyond.

Ron Solt: Trials & Tribulations of the NFL

Coughlin graduate and University of Maryland alum Ron Solt was drafted in the first round of the 1984 NFL Draft. He went on to play nine years in the NFL for the Colts and Eagles and made the Pro Bowl in 1987 when the Colts won a division title.

Return of the Tunis Sheep

Presented as a gift to George Washington in 1799, the historic Tunis Sheep became the most popular breed in America — until driven to the brink of extinction by the Civil War. Welcome to Bend in the Creek Farm, where former Bucknell University President Gary Sojka and his wife Sandy are working to help bring back this gentle and rare breed of sheep that can be traced back to biblical times.

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