Every child 12 years of age and under who is enrolled in WVIA's PBS Kids Clubhouse will receive a PBS Kids Clubhouse Passport 2 Fun!

The Clubhouse Passport 2 Fun Card gives every child enrolled in the PBS Kids Clubhouse ONE Free Admission to the following attractions:


Children must present their Passport 2 Fun Card and be accompanied by at least 1 paying adult to get their ONE Free Admission. The attraction will stamp a page in the Passport 2 Fun Explorer Booklet just like a real passport.


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Get Your Passport 2 Fun

Get Your Passport 2 Fun

Join WVIA's PBS Kids Clubhouse today and start enjoying your Passport 2 Fun!

The PBS Kids Clubhouse Membership is for children 12 years of age and under and includes the following:

• PBS Kids Clubhouse Passport 2 Fun Card 

• Passport 2 Fun Explorer Booklet

• PBS Kids Clubhouse Corner Newsletter mailed to each family 2 times a year

• Invitations to PBS Kids Clubhouse Events during the year

Please Note!

The VIA Member Card is not valid for admission to the attractions participating in the Passport 2 Fun!

The VIA Member Card is still valid for free admissions for the VIA Family Days at the Lackawanna County Coal Mine and Anthracite Heritage Museum in the fall, Ski Days at Elk Mountain and Ski Sawmill in the winter, Knoebels in the spring and Montage Mountain Waterpark in the summer. The VIA Member Card is still valid for free admissions to the PBS Kids Clubhouse Events held annually.

If you have questions about the Passport 2 Fun, please contact our membership department at (570) 602-1110 or memberservices@wvia.org.