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Frequently Asked Questions


What is a bequest?

A gift, left in a will, passed on to another; a legacy


How do I leave a Legacy Society gift to WVIA?

Most people give by leaving a charitable gift in a will or trust, establishing a gift annually or by naming WVIA as beneficiary of an insurance policy or a retirement plan like an IRA. Some people donate something they own like a car, coin collection or their home. Others leave a paid-up life insurance policy, retirement account, or other financial investment. 

Do I tell WVIA I’ve left a gift to them in my will?

That is up to you. WVIA does prefer to know about the gift in advance because then we can recognize your generosity and possibly use your support to encourage others to follow. We will also include you in our honor of donors. You can also elect to memorialize and pay tribute to another with your WVIA gift. Gifts can be made anonymously. It’s entirely your choice. 

Who can help me in making a gift?

Advisers like a financial planner, an attorney, or accountant will be able to advise you on the many ways you can make a gift to WVIA’s Legacy Society. Your final will or estate plan should be prepared by an attorney according to the law of the state where you reside. 

Why should I leave a gift?

You will leave a legacy by supporting WVIA through your will or estate. Your gift will help to nurture future generations with the services provide by public media.


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For any questions about the WVIA Legacy Society, please contact

Lynne S Pouria
100 WVIA Way, Pittston, PA 18640
P: 570-602-1124 | F: 570-655-1180


Important documents to review when considering the WVIA Legacy Society

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