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WVIA listeners are very generous and civic minded.  Many contribute to a wide variety of worthy community causes in health care, social services, education, religion, the arts... all important to our  region’s quality of life.  We’re particularly grateful to WVIA members for whom this non-profit public service radio station is one of their pet projects. So this July, as you join the WVIA membership family for the first time... or renew your annual support...or become a sustainer with an ongoing monthly  gift, we’d like to thank you... and your pet! 

The WVIA Pets Competition has ended - thank you to everyone who submitted entries!

Help us put the “fun” in fundraising as we support the quality programming ... NPR news... classical , jazz, and contemporary music... Car Talk, Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me, A Prairie Home Companion and other favorites.  You count on WVIA, and we’re counting on your support.