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Baltimore Symphony Orchestra And Musicians Continue To Clash As New Season Approaches

After nearly a year, the 103-year-old orchestra's musicians and management are still at odds over a new contract...

Report: 11 More Women Accuse Plácido Domingo Of Sexual Misconduct

Since August, 20 women have made allegations against the highly influential opera star via reports published by The...

Dan Tepfer: Tiny Desk Concert

The pianist and programmer has transformed the acoustic piano into his duet partner.

Marian Anderson: The Most Modest Trailblazer

The Black contralto put European art music and African-American spirituals in parity — and in her art, paved the way...

Tragic Fire Sparks Julia Wolfe's Latest Look At American Labor History

On her new album, Fire in My Mouth, the Pulitzer-winning composer documents the tragedy behind New York City's 1911...