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Sundays at 4:30pm on WVIA-FM

We're showcasing citizens from around our region who have taken it upon themselves to get engaged. Hear stories from your neighbors about how they are making a difference in our community - and discover ways that you can get involved as well.

Do you have a good story of civic engagement? Please let us know in the comments below, or email

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In many countries, citizenship means you are required to DO something. In America, a fundamental right for many is the freedom FROM government. But the 2016 election saw voter turnout at a 20-year low. Some polls show a public either turned off by politics and government, or unwilling to engage with people with different views. Other polls show many Americans are uninformed when it comes to basic facts about their country. Some are reflecting on whether the United States is at a crisis point with regard to civic engagement. In an era of seemingly toxic partisanship and withdrawal from the public sphere, is freedom from government enough to ensure a healthy democracy?

 NPR's Going There with Michel Martin and WVIA present a provocative discussion around the question of what is means to be a good citizen in 2017. Is it voting? Paying taxes? Serving in the military? Protesting injustice or resisting over-reaching authority? Is it volunteering in your neighborhood school, or some form of national service or running for office? Join the conversation on Twitter with #NPRGoodNeighbor and at @NPRMichel.  

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About Michel Martin

martin_bio2_vert-bc14a175254a58cf0c11dc2e2765092e8ef0d4a4-s200-c85.jpg Michel Martin is curious about many things. "I wonder what it's like to leave everything and everyone you know for the promise of a better life, to run for President, to be a professional athlete, to parent children of a different race," she notes. "I am fascinated by people who live lives different from my own. And at the same time, I feel connected to all of these lives being a journalist, a woman of color, a wife and mother."

As weekend host of All Things Considered, Martin draws on her deep reporting and interviewing experience to dig in to the week's news. Outside the studio, she is hosting "Michel Martin: Going There," an ambitious live event series in collaboration with Member Stations.

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