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Nov. 7      Christa Gniadek. A talented twenty-something singer-songwriter and graduate of the Berklee College of Music, Ms. Gniadek released her first album called Leaving Boston which has been featured on WVIA’s Mixed Bag. This is an encore of her 2015 Homegrown Music debut with a collection of new songs performed in a solo acoustic setting on guitar and piano.



Nov. 14      Mountain Wave. A trio of veteran rock musicians from the Upper Delaware River Valley who got together in 2015, Mountain Wave make their Homegrown Music debut with first-rate original material than runs from roots-rock to jam-band influenced.



Nov. 20      A Live Homegrown Music Concert with HOUSE OF HAMILL and CAVAGE AND SUDIGALA. WVIA’s exclusive series of live concert-broadcasts continues with an evening of acoustic music.

                  House of Hamill is a recently formed group from the Philadelphia area founded by members of popular nationally known Celtic bands, with Rose Baldino of Burning Bridget Cleary and Brian Buchanan of Enter the Haggis, who happen to be married to each other. They released an impressive debut album which was featured on the Mixed Bag weekly album review. They make their Homegrown Music debut.

                  David Cavage and Josh Sudigala have been members of the popular national bluegrass band Hickory Project, which has made a number of appearances on the series. Cavage, of Carbondale is a banjo player, who offers on-line banjo instruction, and is also well-known as a songwriter. Josh Sudigala, of Springville, near Tunkhannock, is a young acoustic guitar virtuoso. Together they perform music that sounds much larger than one would expect from a duo.

                  As usual, free audience seating for this two-hour concert broadcast, originating in WVIA’s Sordoni Theater is available by advance reservation at: http://www.wvia.org/about/sordoni-theater-reservations/ Note: start time 8:00 PM.



Nov. 21      Carla Ulbrich. One of the funniest singer-songwriters to have appeared on Homegrown Music, she describes herself as a “professional smart alec.” Her songs take on ex-boyfriends, doctor’s offices and speculate the loss of one’s buttocks. She is joined by HGM veteran and current John Fogerty pianist Bob Malone on some songs. This encore features excerpts from her three sessions.



Nov. 28      The Balkun Brothers. Guitarist Steve and drummer Nick Balkun return to Homegrown Music for a new set of their original electric psychedelic blues-rock. Vocalist Steve plays both guitar and bass lines simultaneously while Nick provides the driving rhythms and backing vocals that make this sibling duo sound like a large band. Since their last appearance on Homegrown Music, the Balkuns have toured Europe and have been on the road throughout the US. They have released a new album called Devil on TV, and they will be doing material from that recording, plus some new music.

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Homegrown Music

with George Graham

Part of Mixed Bag, Tuesdays at 9pm on WVIA-FM

Homegrown Music with George Graham presents a wide range of rock, folk, bluegrass, jazz, blues, reggae, World Music, fusion, etc., in short, all the types of music that Mixed Bag presents, with new studio sessions from the region's finest and most creative musicians. The emphasis is on all-original material, or highly original interpretations of old, obscure, or seldom-heard music. Each show features a different performance, with occasional encore broadcasts from the series' nearly 40-year archive.

The series presents monthly two-hour concert-broadcasts from the Sordoni High Definition Theater at WVIA. To reserve your seat for an upcoming concert, click here .

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Homegrown Music Sessions

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Cara Marie - Homegrown Music Sessions

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The Currys - Homegrown Music Session

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There’s something about vocal harmonies from members of a family who have been making music together for most of their lives.

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Dan Masterson - Homegrown Music Session

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A talented young singer-songwriter-pianist, Dan Masterson recently released his third EP

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Judy Kass - Homegrown Music Sessions

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Singer-songwriter Judy Kass is a classically-trained singer-songwriter who grew up in a musical family and has also sung jazz.

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Fife and Drom Homegrown Music Session

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Generally, a performer must has no less than 20 minutes of completed music to be considered to be part of Homegrown Music. The ideal length is about a half hour, with the maximum length of just under an hour. (Longer segments can be broken up and broadcast on two different programs.) The length of each song thus determines how many tunes would be involved. Submit a physical demonstration recording on CD (or even cassette) to the following address: WVIA-FM, George Graham - Homegrown Music, 100 WVIA Way, Pittston, PA 18640-6197. The sound quality of the recording is not important, as long as all the instruments and vocals can be heard. Homemade recordings or recordings made from the mixing board at a live show are fine. Include what you feel is representative of the music you wish to perform on Homegrown Music, and the recording should preferably include all the personnel you hope to use during the studio recording session. You may include a large selection of songs, or just a few if you feel they accurately represent your style, level of musicianship and creativity. Be sure to include an e-mail address or phone number at which you can be reached during the evening.

If you wish to check on your demo's status, phone (570) 602-1165, during weekday evening hours. Because of the huge proliferation of music and bands on the internet, there is no guarantee that sending a link to a website will result in an audition. To ensure that the music will get a fair hearing, please send a physical recording to the above address.

Meet the Team

George Graham

George Graham

One of the first staff members at WVIA. Produces and hosts Mixed Bag, All That Jazz and Homegrown Music on WVIA Radio, and the Homegrown Music Concerts on WVIA-TV.

Graham was the first employee of WVIA Radio, and has been on the WVIA staff since 1972. A native and resident of Carbondale, PA, he is a magna cum laude graduate of Duke University, where he majored in electrical engineering. He joined the WVIA staff in connection with the studio design and construction of WVIA-FM, but with his four years of on-air experience at the Duke University radio station, he immediately moved into on-air work. He sought to bring the kind of eclectic contemporary music radio programming that marked student radio at Duke (where he was program director) in the late 1960s and early 1970s.

He introduced Mixed Bag, which has become purportedly the longest continuously-running program of what is now called "album adult alternative" music in the country. Graham introduced Homegrown Music, a program to spotlight talented regional artists in performances from the station's studio. The series has been running continuously as a weekly series since 1976, and includes weekly recording session broadcasts, and monthly live concerts performed before a studio audience.

 He also hosts WVIA's All That Jazz, and presents extensive annual radio coverage of the region's jazz festivals from Delaware Water Gap and Scranton. Graham has written for regional publications, and also works as a free-lance recording engineer, producer and mastering engineer.

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