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Your continued support helps us to provide the quality programs you depend on - NPR progams like All Things Considered , Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me! , A Prairie Home Companion , Morning Edition and more, along with great local progams like All That Jazz , Classical Music , ArtScene and more. Thank you for your support.

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Become a Sustaining Member

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Become a Yearly Member

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Thank you,  WVIA members, for your generous financial support that sustains our non-profit public service mission….bringing you quality information and entertainment with a special emphasis on the arts and culture of our region.

It was a tough winter, weather-wise for all of us… and in terms of membership support for WVIA.  Our January drive fell short of the goal.  Probably it was too cold to call in a pledge!   But now that spring is here, we hope you can help us catch up.

It’s budget-planning time, so we need to hear what programming you want us to invest in… NPR news… classical, jazz and contemporary music …and other favorite programs.  So please tell us when you call in your pledge… or list your favorite shows in the “comments” box when you donate at wvia.org.

If you’re a member who  didn’t get a chance to help in the winter drive, we’re counting on you  this spring to  renew your membership… or become a sustainer with an ongoing monthly donation so you never have to worry abhut renewing…or make an additional gift to help us catch up.

If you’re not already a member, this is a perfect time to join, because over ___generous donors have contributed to a special New Member Challenge Fund, which we need to unlock dollar-by-dollar with pledges from new members!  Join our membership family now… and join us for free family fun at Knoebel’s Amusement Resort. WVIA Member Day is Saturday, May 10.

You count on WVIA for quality programming…and now, more than ever we’re counting on your support .                                              

What is a Sustaining Membership? Learn more, click here .

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