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Giving Stock Gifts

Giving marketable securities including publicly traded stock, bonds, or mutual funds can be a tax advantaged way to make your generous gift to WVIA.  Appreciated securities, particularly those held longer than one year, may reduce or avoid capital gains obligations and allow you to take a full tax deduction for the fair market value of the stock at time of transfer.

Once the transfer is complete, WVIA sells the stock and puts the proceeds to use supporting the programs and services you value and gives you the benefits of membership.

We encourage you to talk to your tax or financial advisor to better understand the implications of such a gift on your individual tax situation.

How to Make a Stock Gift to WVIA

You can make your gift one of two ways:

Electronic transfer through your bank or broker

This method is easiest for you and ensures the proceeds will benefit WVIA almost immediately.  Your broker will require written instructions from you in order to initiate the transfer.   Here’s the account information they will need to make the transfer: 

Merrill Lynch

Ronald Yanoski Jr.


Northeastern Pennsylvania Educational Television Association


Please contact Ronald Yanoski or Lynne Pouria Sandone 570-602-1124 for account number.

IMPORTANT:  Please notify us of the details of your gift to ensure we can process it properly and provide proper receipt for your generous contribution.  As soon as you provide transfer instructions to your broker, please contact Lynn A. Volk, WVIA Chief Financial Officer at 570-602-1124 with the details of your gift.  

Physical transfer of stock certificates

Although not recommended, you can also transfer the physical stock certificates to WVIA.  Please contact Lynne Pouria Sandone, WVIA Controller at 570-602-1124 for further instructions to ensure the safety of your stock certificates.


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