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Sustaining Contribution

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Yearly Contribution

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Now when you support WVIA, we can send you a 24-inch traditional balsam holiday wreath from L.L. Bean. This handcrafted wreath of fragrant Canadian and Maine balsam is decorated with pine cones, reindeer moss and a red bow, complete with an over-the-door hangar. It can be delivered anywhere in the U S in time for the holidays. Shipping starts Thanksgiving week. 

Sustaining Wreath Pledge

Sustaining Wreath Pledge

Make a sustaining donation to WVIA and receive an LL Bean Christmas Wreath

One-Time Wreath Pledge

One-Time Wreath Pledge

Make a one-time donation to WVIA and receive an LL Bean Christmas Wreath

What is a Sustaining Membership? Learn more, click here.

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