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2018 Congressional Debates

WVIA Public Media will host 2 Pennsylvania Congressional Debates. The moderator for both debates will be WVIA’s Larry Vojtko. 

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Monday, October 29th at 7pm, we will host the candidates from PA's 8th Congressional district, Matt Cartwright and challenger John Chrin.

Rebroadcast airdates: Tuesday, October 30th 4pm; Thursday, November 1st 8pm; Sunday, November 4th 12pm, 3pm

Panelists for the 8th Congressional District debate include: Borys Krawczeniuk, Staff Writer, Scranton Times-Tribune, Dr. Tom Baldino, Professor, Political Science Wilkes University and Andy Mehalshick, WBRE Eyewitness News


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Then on Tuesday, October 30th at 7pm, we will host candidates from PA's 9th Congressional district, Denny Wolff & Dan Meuser

Rebroadcast airdates: Wednesday, October 31st 4pm; Thursday, November 1st 9pm; Sunday, November 4th 1pm, 4pmClick here to reserve your seats.

Panelists for the 9th Congressional District debate include: Dr. Chris Hallenbrook, Bloomsburg University, Peter Bortner, Republican Herald and Dave Bohman, WNEP.

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