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Chocolate Dreams: The Story of Gertrude Hawk Chocolates

“Chocolate Dreams: The Story of Gertrude Hawk Chocolates” tells the deeply personal and All-American story of the founding and evolution of Gertrude Hawk Chocolates, and provides viewers with an entertaining and unique behind-the-scenes look at the industry and art of making chocolate products.

The film provides an intimate visual tour of the process of making chocolate in a Gertrude Hawk plant and takes viewers 11,373 miles from the humble Bunker Hill neighborhood where Gertrude Hawk Chocolates was born, to Indonesia, where the company acquires the raw materials from which Smidgens are born.

Almost a hundred years after Gertrude left school to begin working in a candy store, where she learned the craft and art of chocolate dipping, Gertrude Hawk Chocolates has become a highly diversified American chocolate manufacturer with an enduring commitment to the satisfaction of its customers, the welfare of its employees and the quality of life in northeastern Pennsylvania.

At a time when the American dream has begun to feel increasingly faint for many, “Chocolate Dreams: The Story of Gertrude Hawk Chocolates” serves as a reminder that a dream is an essential bearing that gives direction to a lifetime’s journey.

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