Hope for Polluted Waters

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A one-hour documentary about mining and abandoned mine drainage in Pennsylvania

Hope for Polluted Waters tells the personal stories of the individuals and groups working throughout the coal-mining regions of Pennsylvania to clean up the abandoned mine drainage (AMD) that pollutes over 4,000 miles of waterways in the state.



The focus of the story is the people themselves; their passions, frustrations, challenges and ultimately their triumphs over pollution. Dedication drives these individuals, whose goal is a better future. These emotions are evident in every one of the volunteers who is trying to correct the wrongs of the past.



While AMD is caused by historic mining activities, the program focuses on history more than to explain what AMD is, how it was created, and what it has done to the communities and environments it has impacted. The main focus is truly on the personal stories and everyday actions of people in today’s world.


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