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Innovation & Enterprise: The Story of Gentex Corporation

Premieres Tuesday, October 21st at 7p on WVIA-TV

The WVIA Original Feature Presentation, “Innovation and Enterprise, The Story of Gentex Corporation” explores the history and achievements of this remarkable and acknowledged family business that fosters its local community while earning global recognition.

Currently operating 5 locations in the United States, the success story that is Gentex is due, in part, to its sense of family. The Frieder men, who navigated Gentex through a century of infinitely expanding technological advancements, have inherited guiding abilities reminiscent of the first, Marcus Frieder.

Being a four generation, family owned business is plenty reason to be proud, but for Gentex Corporation in Simpson, Pennsylvania, it’s only part of the story.

Gentex began in silk manufacturing and then developed textile products for high performance applications. Now, Gentex is a world-wide leading provider of personal protection and situation awareness equipment trusted by clients such as the US Air Force, Navy, Marine Corp, Coast Guard, and NASA. Their globally recognized products protect and enable users to perform their duties while surviving life-threatening circumstances.

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