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Premieres November 13, 2014 at 7pm on WVIA-TV

Listen closely in TowandaWysox in Bradford can almost hear the Susquehanna River whisper stories about the opposite shores; stories of Towanda, a Native American burial ground and Wysox serving as a canoe landing and “place of grapes”.

Today, both shores are joined by a bridge fusing the character of both regions into a fascinating destination...

Ride the Golden Mile in Wysox and pass Camptown, where composer Stephen Foster immortalized a buggy race—five miles long. View the breath-taking panorama where Marie Antoinette hoped to find a safe haven.

Stroll along historic streets of Towanda and marvel the architecture of the town; take in a show at the time-honored Keystone Theatre or enjoy something hearty and homemade at the legendary Red Rose Diner on Main Street--surrounded by the splendor of the Endless Mountains.

Experience the inspiring “unity of two communities” that the residents of TowandaWysox are proud to call their home.

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