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Reinventing American Healthcare

Premiering April 23, 2015 at 7:30p on WVIA-TV

Reinventing American Healthcare is a one-hour WVIA original feature presentation that explores one health system’s approach to transforming how Americans receive and pay for health care.  

Geisinger Health System is one of the largest rural health systems in the country, with six billion dollars in revenue annually. Its reputation for innovation has garnered national and international recognition. Its story reveals some of the most critical issues plaguing U.S. health care today, and describes Geisinger solutions that have increased quality of care for patients while reducing overall cost and improving quality of life. The solutions Geisinger has created and implemented with measured success are being adapted to hospital systems, large and small, across the country.

Geisinger has transformed itself from a small community hospital established in Danville, Pennsylvania, a hundred years ago, into an integrated health care system that is advancing science, achieving national and international prominence, and Reinventing American Healthcare.

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Major funding for “Reinventing American Healthcare” was provided by PNC