A 2-Part WVIA Documentary Series

Produced in partnership with The Foundation for Pennsylvania Watersheds

More than 12 million people call Pennsylvania home. Every day, without relent; knowingly or without awareness, each resident of the state in some way uses 157 gallons of fresh water. They drink it; use it to prepare food, and to bathe. They use it when they turn on a light, and when ordering a pizza. That means that every day Pennsylvania needs nearly two billion gallons of fresh water to function. From this perspective, it becomes obvious that Pennsylvania’s fresh water resources are vital to the state’s economy and quality of life.

Fortunately for the Keystone State, it has the most miles of streams and rivers of any state in contiguous America. Only Alaska has more fresh water sources. But Pennsylvania’s population continues to grow, which inevitably exacerbates existing pollution and expands the potential for such degradation. And with so much fresh water sources at risk, arguably there is no greater call to public activism than fresh water awareness.

This dynamic reality is dramatically rendered in the unique two-part WVIA original documentary mini-series WaterWise. Each program chronicles six to eight stories of efforts by inspiring volunteer watershed groups throughout Pennsylvania who are employing leading-edge science to preserve, protect and restore local fresh water sources.

WaterWise takes viewers to some of Pennsylvania’s most beautiful natural environments, to see how common people are combating the consequences of fresh water pollution. Voice-over narration sets the scene for each story, in which watershed group volunteers convey the intimate human dimension of abandoned mine drainage, streamside litter, nonpoint source water pollution, organic loading and urban sprawl. Complex scientific processes at the root of this pollution and its solutions are entertainingly visualized by high-definition computer animation. Evocative live-action location imagery is captured through macro, underwater and time lapse cinematography and satellite photographs. Simple-to-understand contextual commentary is offered by foremost experts in relevant biological sciences, including zoology, botany, and microbiology, as well as chemistry, geology, meteorology and GIS mapping.

Broadcast content will also be viewed on the companion WaterWise website, where supplemental technical and contact information for each story is available, and from which a social networking strategy of tremendous proactive potential can connect watershed organizations within Pennsylvania and around the world who share beliefs, ideas, experiences and aspirations.

Produced in close collaboration with The Foundation for Pennsylvania Watersheds, WaterWise is attractive science-based programming, produced in a cinematic narrative and visual style for mass-medium distribution, which cross-promotes a companion social-networking website that can galvanize watershed advocates statewide, and that will also be repurposed as unique K-12 curriculum. The series celebrates the communion between community and clean water. In doing so, it ennobles volunteer activism as a social force as powerful as the water it seeks to safeguard. The result is reality television that enlightens and enables while it entertains.


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