Back In The Day

Back In The Day

Series Premiere Friday, May 30 at 8pm on WVIA-TV

The phrase, "Remember Back in the Day when," always introduces a great story. 

Do you have a personal story about a local event or place that occurred "Back in the Day?" Do you have film, pictures or video of that event or place? If so WVIA wants you to share your story!

WVIA's award winning team is producing "Back in the Day" and we want you to be part of it. It's easy! E-mail us at or call us (570-602-1146) and tell us your story ---- what local event or location it occurred along with your name and phone number.

We look forward to talking with many of you about your stories from "Back in the Day."

Our premiere episode will include stories about The Huber Breaker in Ashley, PA; Kaier’s Brewery in Mahanoy City; WARMLAND Days at Rocky Glen Park in Moosic, PA; The Hotel Sterling in Wilkes-Barre, PA; The Pocono Drag Lodge in Bear Creek Township, PA; and The Globe Store in Scranton, PA.

WVIA would like to thank the following organizations for their help in telling the "Back In the Day" stories.

The Lackawanna Historical Society

The Luzerne County Historical Society

The Mahanoy Area Historical Society

Television - Local Programs

Have story for us? Let us know below

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