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Call the Doctor is a health care series broadcast live every Tuesday at 7:00pm by the PBS station WVIA-TV serving a regional audience of hundreds of thousands in 22 counties throughout northeastern and central Pennsylvania. The 1 hour show features a panel of top medical and health care professionals informing viewers about important and relevant health issues. The panel answers live call-in and email questions from viewers.

Viewers may call in questions during the show at 1-800-326-9842 or submit your questions at the bottom of this page.

If you have a topic or a condition you would like to see covered on a live Call the Doctor program, please e-mail your ideas and suggestions to Joseph Chrobak, producer of Call the Doctor

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Meet the Team

George Thomas

George ThomasGeorge Thomas, Vice President of Membership for WVIA, started at the station on 10/31/94 ... yep Halloween! (How spooky!) He is responsible for the WVIA TV & FM membership fundraising programs which account for 2 million dollars annually, which is the significant portion of revenue the stations need in order to operate. "It's all about our members," George states. "If we didn't have generous people in our area supporting the programs and efforts of WVIA, it would close tomorrow. That's how important each member is to the station."

George started as the manager of the Telemarketing Department in 1994. In 1996, he was promoted to Membership Manager overseeing the installation and running of the new membership software program as well as all renewal, acquisition, and additional gift mailing programs. In 1998, he was promoted to Director of Membership and On-air Pledge and given responsibilities of the on air TV and FM pledge drives. He also oversaw the Call Center with 7 employees, the matching gift program, the thank-you gifts sent out, and many annual member appreciation days. In 2003 in support of a national PBS Major Giving Initiative, George's direct reports were re-aligned to work with the new Vice President of Major Gifts and included overseeing the operations of the Data Entry Department and the Front Desk.

In June of 2007, George was promoted to Vice President of Membership overseeing all aspects of entire WVIA membership program including major giving. George adds, "I've have the privilege of working with great people in the department. With them, we are proud to have a great customer service record and run one of the more mature membership programs in the country." He trains the on air pledge drive talent and can be seen in WVIA's membership campaigns "pitching" the station's popular programs. He also loves to create funny promotional spots you see on air from time to time. In fact, he has received two national Telly Awards for his collaborative creative efforts.

Amid literally hundreds of television channels available to you by cable and satellite, and dozens of radio stations, WVIA is the only regional broadcaster with the sole purpose of education, public service and community enrichment. "I am proud and consider it an honor to go on the air and ask people to support a station that provides so much."

In 2003, George was offered the seat as moderator for Call the Doctor, a popular weekly live call-in program.

Now is his 10th year as moderator of Call the Doctor, George Thomas is excited about what he and the producer of the show have been able to do with the show working with a tremendous Promotions team and Production Department. George will host his 200th episode in January 2013. "The capacity of this show to help people, change lives, and in some cases actually save them .... there's no other local newscast or show that can do that." "Call the Doctor" airs Tuesdays at 7:00PM. The show is an informative, interactive program featuring medical experts from the WVIA 22 county viewing area. With each episode, viewers are encouraged to call in their questions to a panel of health care experts. "Call the Doctor" is one of WVIA-TV's longest running local programs; it has been airing from the studios of WVIA for more than 20 years.

George Thomas is a graduate of Wilkes University, Wilkes-Barre, PA earning a bachelor's degree in Business Administration with a minor in Marketing. He is also a graduate of Ambassador University, Pasadena, CA with a bachelor's degree in Theology and a minor in Computer Science. George achieved the rank of Eagle Scout and loves to golf in health related charity tournaments. His passion for presenting and public speaking goes back to high school when he convinced his principal to let him take the senior public speaking course in his junior year. That passion continued through college and beyond by taking numerous public speaking courses and attending speaker's clubs. George resides in Alden, PA with his wife Colleen and their two sons, Christopher and Collin and Jack James, his stepson.

Joseph Chroback

Joseph ChrobackProducer of Call the Doctor 

Joseph started volunteering with WVIA in September 2003. He worked as a camera operator and production assistant on membership pledge drives, State of PA, Ballroom and Pennsylvania Polka. While volunteering at WVIA during his school years taught him the ins and outs of the industry. He later went on to learn more skills and honed his craft while working in the industry. 

Joseph was hired as a freelance member of the WVIA production department in December 2008. During local television productions Joseph fills many positions, such as director, camera operator, audio technician, floor manager, video operator, teleprompter just to name a few. He has also worked periodically in the WVIA Engineering Department since June 2008. 

Joseph can be seen on television when he hosts portions of the WVIA Great TV Auction and membership pledge drives. He also works as an on-air radio talent during WVIA-FM membership pledge drives. 

Throughout the years he held many production positions on the WVIA long running interactive television program, Call the Doctor, but in July 2010, Joseph became the Producer of the show. 

Joseph lives in the Pittston area and spends his free time with his lovely wife. 

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