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Call the Doctor

Wednesdays at 7:30pm on WVIA-TV
Thursdays at 10pm on WVIA-TV
Sundays at 4pm on WVIA-TV

Call the Doctor is the regions premiere medical series, with a focus on addressing critical health & wellness needs of our region. Call the Doctor supplies viewers with direct contact, during the broadcasts and after, with available local resources that can help those in need through their difficult and sometimes isolating health journeys. 

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Discover a wealth of knowledge from experts on a range of common medical issues

Meet the Team

Paola Giangiacomo


Paola Giangiacomo is a multiple award winning journalist and a 20-year veteran of Broadcast Journalism. Giangiacomo got her start at KMCT in Monroe, Louisiana where she became a weeknight Anchor. She later moved to Anchor/Reporter positions at WBKB in Alpena, Michigan, WWCP/WATM in Johnstown, Pennsylvania and then on to WNEP in Moosic, Pennsylvania where she reported, anchored and produced for nearly 13 years.  Giangiacomo holds a B.A. in Broadcast - Cable Communications from Pennsylvania State University. She resides in Northeastern Pennsylvania with her husband and two sons.

In addition to being seen on WVIA’s upcoming season of Call the Doctor, Paola can be heard delivering news on FOX News Headlines 24/7 on SIRIUSXM Channel 115.


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