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Greenlife Pennsylvania

Season 3 premieres Thursday, October 2nd at 8p on WVIA-TV

Think globally act locally. A philosophy that’s more timely than ever. Like the rest of our planet and our country, big environmental problems are affecting Pennsylvania. Climate change, habitat loss, invasive species, a loss of connection to the outdoors and other issues stress the natural world and our sense of hope about the future. But across the state, Pennsylvanians are meeting the challenges with a resolve that would make William Penn proud.

Greenlife Pennsylvania takes viewers to the conservation front; places where the problems and the science can be seen and heard with thought-provoking reality, and where individuals and organizations are fighting back with cutting-edge tactics and a can-do spirit. The series inspires through personal actions, paired with compelling journeys, diverse communities and landscapes of Pennsylvania. The viewer gains an appreciation, a visceral connection to conservation, and feels the call to take it personally. Each episode closes with tips and actions individuals can take.

Season 3 Segments

Lacawac Sanctuary

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The Lacawac Sanctuary in Lake Ariel

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Episode Guide

Season 1 Episodes

Season 1 Episodes

ZAP Cars, Backyard Habitats, Wildlife Guardians and more!

Season 2 Episodes

Season 2 Episodes

Creepy Crawlies, Ohioplye State Park Stormwater Improvements, and more!

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