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Stoney Creek

Stonycreek White Water Park

Whitewater Park, Pennsylvania’s first set of constructed rapids, is located in the Stonycreek River adjacent to Greenhouse Park. Here in Class II water novice paddlers can learn basic whitewater techniques and more experienced boaters can play in hydraulics. Tubing and fishing also are popular activities here.

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Responding to an alarming trend of the loss of trees in Pennsylvania’s metropolitan areas, TreeVitalize is a publicprivate partnership to help restore tree cover, educate citizens about planting trees as an act of caring for our environment, and build capacity among local governments to understand, protect and restore their urban trees.

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Fuel for Tomorrow - Biomass

With environmental concerns and fuel costs mounting, many Americans are looking for ways to reduce their dependence on fossil fuels and replace them with renewable energy sources. In Pennsylvania, renewable energy sources include wood, wood residue and dedicated agricultural energy crops, also known as biomass. The Pennsylvania Fuels for Schools & Beyond program is helping schools and businesses understand the economic, operational, and environmental benefits of biomass systems.

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Ned Smith Center

Making Re-Used Art

Making art from items typically thrown away. This camp reinforces the need to cut down on the amount of trash going into landfills and teaches kids how to create “FUN”ctional and whimsical things from trash.

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Tannersville Cranberry Bog

Tannersville Cranberry Bog

Affectionately known as “The Cranberry” to nearby residents, Tannersville Cranberry Bog has become ingrained in the local community and culture, inspiring wonder among students, educators, scientists, nature lovers and photographers who visit each year.

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