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Episode 201

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Creepy Crawlies 

The Creepy Crawlers program, designed for 2,3, and 4 year-olds, wins the hearts of all ages with snakes, bats, owls, and a CCEEC favorite, Awesome the Possum! More information website –

Ohiopyle State Park Stormwater Improvements

By working together, Ohiopyle Borough, Ohiople St. Park, and PA Environmental Council were able to find a beautiful way to reduce stormwater runoff into the Youghiogheny River.

More information website –

Bike Local, Eat Local

PASA’s “Bike Fresh, Bike Local” fundraising event takes bikers on a route through farm country to encourage people to support their local farms and take advantage of local produce.

More information website –

The Nature Inn at Bald Eagle State Park

There is a brand new option for nature seekers who want to stay overnight. This green building provides comfortable accommodations for visitors of Bald Eagle State Park.

More information website –

PA Renewable Energy

MAREA’s three-day festival is about renewable energy, natural building construction, sustainable agriculture, land-use planning, forestry, and healthy living practices.

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