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  • #701: Aztec Two-Step. This legendary folk duo formed around 1971, and Neal Schulman and Rex Fowler have been making great music ever since, picking up generations of fans around the world. In this Homegrown Music concert, they perform a collection of some of their fine new songs, along with a few of their classics. (Recorded October 18, 2004)

Neal Schulman, Rex Fowler: guitars and vocals 
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  • #702: The Roamin' Gabriels. A great funky fusion band led by Lehigh Valley keyboard man Len Mooney, and including the Bill Miller, the Editor in Chief of Modern Drummer Magazine, the Roamin' Gabriels serve up a great collection of original music, along with some creative reworkings of existing songs. (Recorded November 22, 2004)

Len Mooney: keyboards, vocals 
Kevin Siebold: guitar and banjo 
Bill Miller: drums and percussion 
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  • #703: Cantinero. Headed by British expatriate Christopher Hicken, Cantinero (Hicken's nickname earned from his years as a bartender), this first rate group performs sophisticated music that borrows influences as diverse as the Beatles and Art Rock to the contemporary techno scene. Cantinero have been attracting national attention with features on NPR and national cable TV channels. Recorded February 21, 2005

Christopher Hicken: acoustic guitar, lead vocals 
Matt Beck: guitar 
Tom Bright: guitar 
Becca Schack: keyboards 
Paul Ogonsalu: bass 
Paul Garisto: drums 
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  • #704: David Cullen / Wayne Scott Farley. Two distinctive guitar virtuosos from the Lehigh Valley are seen in separate performances. The classically trained David Cullen is fairly a regular guest on Homegrown Music and returns with a new collection of his genre-crossing instrumental music performed on nylon-string guitar with some electronic enhancement. (Recorded May 10, 2004) Wayne Scott Farley specializes in 12-string guitars, both electric and acoustic, demonstrating very impressive technique. He is also a fine singer-songwriter who creates thoughtful lyrics. (Recorded January 17, 2005)

David Cullen: acoustic guitar 
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Wayne Scott Farley: 12-string electric and acoustic guitars, vocals 
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  • #705: Plus 3. One of Northeastern Pennsylvania's brightest up-and-coming rock bands, this quartet create infectious music strong on melody and appealing vocals. (Recorded February 17, 2004)

Mike Krakoski: acoustic guitar, vocals 
Mike Evans: electric guitar, vocals 
Ron Scavone: bass 
Rick Carr: drums 
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  • #706: Coleman and Austin Smith with the Doug Smith Trio. Coleman and Austin Smith are sibling violinists living in the Scranton area, and they perform everything from Western Swing to jazz standards. They are joined by their cousin jazz bassist Doug Smith, a Homegrown Music regular, for a great hour that shows how much fun a pair of fiddles can be. (Recorded April 25, 2005)

Coleman Smith, Austin Smith: violins 
Doug Smith: acoustic bass 
Jim Watich: piano 
R.J. Kennedy: drums 
with Diane Cuzo: vocals 
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  • #707: Kenny Young and the Eggplants / Carla Ulbrich. It's an hour of very funny songs from witty and astute songwriters. Kenny Young creates songs about badminton-playing badgers and mutant superhero frogs, among other things. (Recorded September 23, 2003) Carla Ulbrich takes a humorous look at many subjects, including her own bout with serious illness. (Recorded November 22, 2004)

Kenny Young: guitar, vocals 
Gil Shuster: bass 
Eddie Logue: drums 
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Carla Ulbrich: guitar and vocals 
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  • #708: Dan Pelletier. From Upstate New York, pianist and songwriter Dan Pelletier is a wonderful storyteller in song. He manages to cast a new light on some familiar subjects, sometimes helping to bring a smile to poignant situations. (Recorded October 18, 2004)

Dan Pelletier: piano, and vocals 
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  • #709: Naked Blue. A fine folk-rock group led by Jen and Scott Smith who have been together since the late 1980s. Their music combines fine vocals and intelligent songs with and an infectious energy level. Recorded March 28, 2005

Jen Smith: guitar, lead vocals 
Scott Smith: guitar, vocals 
Glenn Workman: keyboards 
Mike Davis: bass 
Mark St. Pierre: drums 

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  • #710: The Blind Chitlin Kahunas. From the Lewisburg, PA, area, this blues power trio was the winner of the 2004 Billtown Blues Festival Challenge, and this concert shows why. With many uears of playing the blues in their respective backgrounds, the Kahunas combine a no-nonsense approach to the music with impressive musicianship. Recorded May 23, 2005

Kimbo Reichley: bass, vocals 
Chris Bovard: guitar, vocals 
Rod Bower: drums 
with special guest: Ann Rabson: piano 
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  • #711: Paso Fino. Paso Fino, hailing from Upstate New York, is distinctive acoustic quintet drawing on folk and world music influences in their enjoyable original music. Featuring a founding member of the popular roots band Donna the Buffalo, Paso Fino features strong vocal harmonies and distinctive percussion instruments. Recorded January 17, 2005

Diana Anderson: vocals 
Shane Lanphear: guitar 
Jim Armstrong, Nick Papdor: percussion 
Kristin Sharkey: vocals
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  • #712: The Reese Project. This eclectic Central PA instrumental group includes flute, cello and organ, in their instrumentation. They return to Homegrown Music for their most energetic performance yet. Their material includes everything from Bach to electrified Celtic to blues, with a remarkable virtuostic performance by cellist Laurie Haines Reese. Recorded April 25, 2005

Tom Reese: flute 
Laurie Haines Reese: cello 
Jake Thro: keyboards 
Aaron Walker: drums 
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  • #713: Ann Rabson. A founder of Saffire the Uppity Blueswomen, pianist, guitarist and blues singer extroardinaire puts in a memorable performance of her great, often "sassy" original songs, along with her strong boogie-woogie style piano work. Recorded May 23, 2005

Ann Rabson: piano and vocals 
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