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  • #801: Dakota. In 1978, Bill Kelly and Jerry Hludzik founded what would become one of the most popular national bands to come from Northeastern Pennsylvania. At the time, they were members of the Buoys, known for his big hit "Timothy" and the duo were looking for an opportunity to do a side project. So they came to Homegrown Music to record their music. That directly led to the Jerry-Kelly Band which became Dakota, who during 1980s toured with Queen. Kelly and Hludzik parted ways but recently decided decide to "bury the hatchet," and Kelly came in from Nashville where he is currently based, and returned to Homegrown Music, where they started, to do some of their best-known songs in an acoustic duo setting, with their trademark tight vocal harmonies better than ever. (Recorded November 14, 2005)

Jerry Hludzik, guitar, vocals 
Bill Kelly: guitar, vocals
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  • #802: Bill Mays Trio. One of the best-known and respected pianists in jazz, Mays is one of the few musicians to have performed with both Frank Sinatra and Frank Zappa. Previously associated with the West Coast jazz scene, Mays had been a resident of Shohola, PA, in Pike County, for the past several years. He returns to Homegrown Music for a performance with his trio, which has been receiving considerable acclaim for their national CD releases. They perform mostly Mays originals, along with a remarkable version of the standard "Darn That Dream." (Recorded February 13, 2006)

Bill Mays: piano 
Matt Wilson: drums 
Martin wind: bass 
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  • #803: Black Bear Crossing. A delightfully eclectic acoustic group from the Williamsport area, Black Bear Crossing combine Celtic with traditional Appalachian folk music on such instruments as hammered dulcimer, Celtic harp, flute, fiddle, keyboards, and even accordion. (Recorded June 20, 2005)

Lucy Henry: hammered dulcimer, flute, recorder 
Wendy McCormick: Celtic harp, hammered dulcimer, accordion 
Philleri Ball: keyboards, bodhran, Appalachian dulcimer 
Warren Fisher: bass, autoharp 
Katie Broski: violin
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  • #804: Ron Sunshine. A versatile songwriter, vocalist and harmonica player, Ron Sunshine has appeared on Homegrown Music previously with everything from a funky group to a full jazz big band. This time, he appears with a fine jazz trio and performs an elegant program ranging from swing standards to clever original songs. (Recorded January 16, 2006)

Ron Sunshine: vocals, harmonica 
Matt Ray: Piano 
Tom Patrycha: bass 
Brian Floody: drums 
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  • #805: Jordan Chassan. A creative, witty and often laconic singer-songwriter, as well as an outstanding blues guitarist originally from New Jersey, Jordan Chassan currently makes his residence in Nashville. He returned to his home region to share some of his first-rate original songs and remarkable guitar picking. (Recorded November 14, 2005)

Jordan Chassan: guitar and vocal 
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  • #806: Co-Op Bop. This well-named quintet of veteran jazz musicians from the Poconos and Lehigh Valley are long-time friends and musical associates. All leaders in their own right, they have begun performing under the rubric of Co-Op Bop and released an acclaimed CD by that name. They bring their great original music to Homegrown Music in a performance spotlighting their superb musicianship. (Recorded October 17, 2005)

Nelson Hill: alto and soprano sax 
Alan Gaumer: trumpet 
Craig Kastelnik: Hammond B-3 organ 
Tom Kozik: guitar 
Gary Rissmiller: drums 
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  • #807: K8/Kate Morrissey. A pair of singer-songwriters named Kate are featured in this Homegrown Music double bill. K8, from the Wyoming Valley shows her rock influence as she performs her original songs in an acoustic context. Kate Morrissey, a resident of Bellefont, PA, and on the faculty of Penn State, performs her decidedly more ethereal and thoughtful songs at the piano. (Recorded June 20, 2005 [K8], and February 22, 2005 [Kate Morrissey])

K8: acoustic guitar and vocals 
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Kate Morrissey: piano and vocals 
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  • #808: Brazz Tree. One of the more distinctive duos the Homegrown Music series has presented, Brazz Tree consists of a Julliard trained violinist who also spent time performing in the New York City subways, and a virtuosic acoustic guitarist who plays in the percussive style of Michael Hedges. They create music that spans genres, from folk to art-rock, all with astonishing musicianship.(Recorded April 10, 2006)

Mazz Swift: violin and vocals 
Brad Hammonds: acoustic guitar 
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  • #809: Louie Setzer and the Appalachian Bluegrass Boys. Northeastern Pennsylvania is the home of several fine bluegrass bands, and this group from the Poconos and Carbondale, PA, is one of the best. Guitarist and lead vocalist Setzer is a veteran picker having performed with many well-known bluegrass musicians over the years. The band performs a spirited collection of traditional and original songs. (Recorded April 10, 2006)

Louie Setzer: guitar, lead vocal 
Ron Penska: bass, vocal 
Jim Daniels: fiddle 
Danny Stewart: mandolin, vocals 
David Cavage: banjo 
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  • #810: Russ Rentler/Jay Smar. Two outstanding singer-songwriters are featured in this edition of the program. Russ Rentler from the Lehigh Valley, was in a band at Moravian College in the late 1970s with John Gorka and Richard Shindell, two of today's brightest lights on the "new folk" scene. Rentler, meanwhile, continued his studies to become a physician. But he still regularly performs and writes creative and often humorous songs. Jay Smar is a long-time Homegrown Music veteran who returns to perform a collection of traditional and original pieces that show his fine guitar playing. (Recorded June 26, 2006 [Rentler], March 28, 2005 [Smar])

Russ Rentler: guitar, vocals 
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Jay Smar: guitar, banjo, vocals 
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  • #811: Minas. This long-running duo from Eastern PA, had been making some of the best and most authentic Brazilian music to be heard this side of Ipanema. Brazilian native Orlando Haddad and native Pennsylvanian Patricia King have release several CDs of the past dozen years, many attracting some top musicians from Brazil. They make their Homegrown Music debut performing their delightful original music as a duo. (Recorded July 17, 2006)

Orlando Haddad: guitar, vocals 
Patricia King: piano, vocals 
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  • #812: Teeter Gray. This versatile group from nearby New Jersey performs the songs of Chris Koch, whose influences run from country to jazz. The group's CD "Blue Love" was featured on the Mixed Bag Weekly Album Review. The band, with special guests violinist Mazz Swift and jazz bassist Jim Donica, performs Koch's engaging, intelligent songs, marked by his appealing vocals. (Recorded June 26, 2006)

Chris Koch: guitar, vocals 
Mazz Swift: violin 
Jim Donica: bass 
Steve Meltzer: drums 
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  • #813: Steve Rudolph and Friends. Harrisburg-based jazz pianist Rudolph has a lot of friends. One of the founders of the Central Pennsylvania Friends of Jazz Festival, Rudolph has worked with many national jazz musicians who have performed in the capital area. For this concert, he is joined by a rotating cast of guest artists, including German-born jazz harmonica great Hendrik Meurkens, drummers Bill Goodwin and Marko Marcinko, vocalist J.D. Walter, saxophonist Tom Strohman and others. It's a truly memorable jazz performance. (Recorded May 15, 2006)

Piano: Steve Rudolph 
Bass: Steve Varner 
Drums: Bill Goodwin, Marko Marcinko 
Reeds: Tom Strohman 
Harmonica: Hendrik Meurkens 
Vocals: J.D. Walter 
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  • #814: Clarence Spady at the Bloomsburg Fair. The second annual Homegrown Music Concert from the Bloomsburg Fair featured one of Northeastern Pennsylvania's best-known blues musicians, Clarence Spady, in an outstanding performance before an enthusiastic crowd at the Free Stage pavilion on the fairgrounds. (Recorded September 28, 2005)

Clarence Spady: guitar, vocals 
Bob O'Connell: keyboards 
Jamey Novak: drums

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