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Christopher M. "Kip" Condron

Christopher M. "Kip" Condron joins WVIA President Bill Kelly for the season three kickoff show Wednesday, October 6, 2010 on WVIA-TV

Encore Presentations:
Thurs., Oct. 7 at 10pm on WVIA-TV & Sun., Oct. 10 at 4pm on WVIA-TV

Scranton native Christopher M. “Kip” Condron chairs the Board of the University of Scranton and travels the world as President, Chief Executive Officer and a director of AXA Financial, Inc. He is also Chairman of the Board, President and Chief Executive Officer of AXA Financial’s principal insurance subsidiary, AXA Equitable Life Insurance Company, and is responsible for AllianceBernstein Corporation, AXA Financial’s asset management affiliate. At AXA Group, the parent company of AXA Financial, Mr. Condron is global head of Life & Savings and Health businesses and is a member of the Management Committee. Before joining AXA Financial in 2001, Mr. Condron served as President and Chief Operating Officer of Mellon Financial Corporation, and as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of The Dreyfus Corporation. Mr. Condron previously was Vice Chairman and head of the Private Client Group at The Boston Company and later was named Executive Vice President of Mellon when Mellon acquired The Boston Company.

Maggie Wilderotter and Natalie Pettinato O’Hara & Lisa Pettinato Davis

Premieres Wednesday, Oct. 13, 2010 on WVIA-TV

Encore Presentations: Thurs., Oct. 14 at 10pm on WVIA-TV & Sun., Oct. 17 at 4pm on WVIA-TV

Maggie Wilderotter, Chairman and CEO of Frontier Communications, was named one of Fortune Magazine's 50 Most Powerful Women of 2009. During a recent visit to northeast Pennsylvania she met with regional employees and answered our questions about Frontier's acquisition of certain Verizon properties this past July, making Frontier the largest rural communications company in the U.S. She also explains why women are uniquely qualified to manage companies of all sizes.


Sisters Natalie Pettinato O’Hara & Lisa Pettinato Davis own PACE Construction Managers, a business started by their grandfather in 1932. Natalie was always daddy’s little girl, going to work with him whenever possible, while Lisa wanted no part of the construction business. But after 10 years in Public Accounting she too decided to make PACE her future. Not many construction companies are owned and managed by women, but these two make it work. Natalie, a civil engineer, is projects manager while Lisa, a CPA, handles the business side.

Bill Williams and Ken & Letha Reinheimer

Premieres Wednesday, Oct. 20, 2010 on WVIA-TV

Encore Presentations: Thurs., Oct. 21 at 10pm on WVIA-TV & Sun., Oct. 24 at 4pm on WVIA-TV

Jack Williams Tire Company has been a family owned and operated business for 81 years. Bill Williams was only 10 when he started helping his dad around the store. There were difficult steps along the way, but he never lost focus, crediting his wife for much of the success. Now Chairman and CEO, Bill Williams looks back, while still growing, and says hard work and an insistence on customer satisfaction was the key.


Ken and Letha Reinheimer’spartnership in life started at Bucknell University, while their business partnership began in 1965 when they decided to join Letha’s father in the insurance business. Learn how this couple’s hard work, commitment to community and sense of humor helped make their business and marriage a success.

Phil Condron and Paula Rochon Mackarey

Premieres Wednesday, Nov. 3, 2010 on WVIA-TV

Encore Presentations: Thurs., Nov. 4 at 10pm on WVIA-TV & Sun., Nov. 7 at 4pm on WVIA-TV

Phil Condron spent almost 2 decades in broadcasting sales before joining a local advertising agency. Over the years Phil began to recognize ways he would do things differently if it were his own business. Hear how in 1994 he took the leap and began Condron & Company, a successful advertising and public relations firm located in Scranton. When this interview was taped, Condron was also Interim Executive Director of the Scranton Chamber of Commerce.


As the youngest of seven children, Paula Rochon Mackarey assumed that one day she too would leave northeast Pennsylvania and move to the big city, like her siblings. But she literally never left home, today raising her family where her Dad and Mom did the same. This is the story of Happenings Magazine, where Paula began as an employee and bought it two years later. Hear how this enterprising woman seized the opportunity and used her passion for the region to become a successful entrepreneur.

Andree Phillips

Premieres Wednesday, Nov. 10, 2010 on WVIA-TV

Encore Presentations: Thurs., Nov. 11 at 10pm on WVIA-TV & Sun., Nov. 14 at 4pm on WVIA-TV

Andree Phillips worshipped her father, a man she describes with love and respect. But to bring the family together Andree moved back to Williamsport from Long Island and her husband eventually took over Radiant Steel. Year’s later mismanagement caused the business to fail and Andree was advised by accountants, lawyers, and bankers to file for bankruptcy. Instead, through sheer grit and sacrifice, she took over and saved the company her father began in 1927. Andree Phillips is a single mother of four, a tiny and remarkable combination of toughness and compassion. Hear about her journey back from near ruin to being recognized as one of the top ten woman-owned companies in Pennsylvania.

Rick, Ross & Mitch Kornfeld and Jim Corbett

Premieres Wednesday, Nov. 17, 2010 on WVIA-TV

Encore Presentations: Thurs., Nov. 18 at 10pm on WVIA-TV & Sun., Nov. 21 at 4pm on WVIA-TV


Rick, Ross, and Mitch Kornfeld are second-generation owners of the Woodlands Inn and Resort in Wilkes Barre. In an industry where the days are long and the work is hard, hear how the Kornfelds have melded three very different personalities with a great sense of humor to grow a very competitive business.

Survival is priority one in business, and the automobile business has seen better times. Minooka Subaru owner Jim Corbett reflects on how his father, a born salesman, became a franchised Subaru dealer in the early 1970s selling brand new cars for only nineteen hundred dollars. Everyone is family for the Corbett’s and never has there been a lay off. Hear how the family dealership maintained its commitment to customers and each other through fifty years.

Pat Stella and Patrick Dempsey, Sr.

Premieres Wednesday, Nov. 24, 2010 on WVIA-TV

Encore Presentations: Thurs., Nov. 25 at 10pm on WVIA-TV & Sun., Nov. 28 at 4pm on WVIA-TV

Pat Stella is an effervescent and interesting lady. When you see or think of Ronald McDonald around here, know that Pat is his boss.

Patrick J. Dempsey, Sr. had been taught by his father to grab hold of opportunity, work hard and not embarrass the family name. In 1959 he formed Dempsey Uniform & Linen Supply with his brother Dick. Pat says he never stopped improving and 51 years later the family business is a leader in the industry. Now the patriarch is mentoring his own next generation to carry on.

Paul Manning & Amilcar Arroyo

Premieres Wednesday, Dec. 1, 2010 on WVIA-TV

Encore Presentations: Thurs., Dec. 2 at 10pm on WVIA-TV & Sun., Dec. 5 at 4pm on WVIA-TV

Paul Manning received a full football scholarship to Vanderbilt, but only a year into his academic career a family crisis brought him home. That was 45 years ago, but Manning never looked back. Paul and his wife sacrificed so all six of their children could go to Harvard, Cornell or Princeton. Then the three sons chose the family farm. Paul explains why farming is the best way to raise a family and how Manning Farms is a great business.

Citizen Amilcar Arroyo was a university-educated Peruvian banker when he came to America to pack tomatoes. Troubled by animosities surrounding Latinos arriving in the region, he created “El Mensajero”, a local Hispanic newspaper. When the Wilkes-Barre Times-Leader bought the paper three years ago, Amilcar remained managing editor, multiplied circulation and became an outspoken and articulate advocate for diversity in our region.

Joseph Paglianite and Lew Dryfoos III

Premieres Wednesday, Dec. 8, 2010 on WVIA-TV

Encore Presentations: Thurs., Dec. 9 at 10pm on WVIA-TV & Sun., Dec. 12 at 4pm on WVIA-TV

Grotto Pizza started in a small northeast Pennsylvania storefront with a family recipe. Today 21 locations in two states stand as a monument to hard work and fine business partners. Joe Paglianite is “Mr. Grotto Pizza”. Meet the man who started it all and soon will have a college building named for him.


Lew Dryfoos III considers himself the inheritor and builder of the family business. Dryfoos Insurance Agency began in 1901 by insuring coal-mining operations in the region. Later the company became the first in this area to insure an automobile, and then an airplane. Now more than a century and four generations later, Lew Dryfoos III treasures the legacy and builds on it.

Ken Taylor, Jr.

Premieres Wednesday, Dec. 15, 2010 on WVIA-TV

Encore Presentations: Thurs., Dec. 16 at 10pm on WVIA-TV & Sun., Dec. 19 at 4pm on WVIA-TV

Not a lot of people know the remarkable story of Taylor Packing Company in Wyalusing. This family recently documented centuries of Taylors, an epic story of love for the land and each other, loyalty, patriotism, tradition and a powerful work ethic. Parents and Grandparents had a dozen employees; when Ken Taylor and his brother sold the company eight years ago to Cargill, eleven hundred and fifty people were collecting paychecks. The decision to sell was a deeply emotional one for Ken Taylor, but he knew the employees and community would be better for it. However, he and his wife still live on hallowed family land that overlooks the plant, and Ken Taylor’s heart will never leave the Endless Mountains region.

Lou Ciampi, Jr. & Sr. and Peter Amato

Premieres Wednesday, Dec. 22, 2010 on WVIA-TV

Encore Presentations: Thurs., Dec. 23 at 10pm on WVIA-TV & Sun., Dec. 26 at 4pm on WVIA-TV

Lou Ciampi Sr. started Independent Graphics in 1980. With no formal education, he exemplifies for all of us, and particularly his son Lou Ciampi Jr., what a determined man and born entrepreneur can do. He insisted his son get a fine education and pursue his own dreams. So Junior graduated from Dickinson College, moved to New Mexico and worked for a large corporation. Dad bought out his partner and an opportunity opened for his son. Over a New Mexico Thanksgiving dinner, when Dad said he could only promise a lot of hard work, Lou Junior said, “When do we start?”

The Amato name is synonymous with racing and A&A Auto Parts stores, but hear how a personal crisis took Peter Amato on a journey of self-discovery. Deeply troubled with life and abusing drugs and alcohol, Amato’s search took him around the world seeking different methods of health, wellness and spirituality. The result is Inner Harmony Wellness Center; a business Amato believes can change lives.

Chase Mattioli & Joe Mattioli III and Chris Hackett

Premieres Wednesday, Dec. 29, 2010 on WVIA-TV

Encore Presentations: Thurs., Dec. 30 at 10pm on WVIA-TV & Sun., Jan. 2 at 4pm on WVIA-TV

Chase Mattioli is a marketing major at Fordham University during the week and a racecar driver on the weekends. At age seven he began helping his grandfather, Doctor Joe Mattioli at his Pocono Raceway. At 21 years old, young Mattioli races cars at speeds that top 200 mph. But he’s also a businessman with Dad Joe Mattioli III, involved in branding and marketing on a national level. Learn about Chase Mattioli Racing Inc. and the business of NASCAR.


Chris Hackettis a businessman, lifelong athlete, husband and father who balances it all in ways few successful businessmen have managed. With no resources other than intelligence and a powerful drive to succeed, he went to work for his in-laws at their local personnel company and bought it. Today The OneSource Companies are national, as Chris Hackett empowers his managers while diversifying his business interests.

Daniel Siniawa and Jon Craighead

Premieres Wednesday, Jan. 5, 2011 on WVIA-TV

Encore Presentations: Thurs., Jan. 6 at 10pm on WVIA-TV & Sun., Jan. 9 at 4pm on WVIA-TV

Daniel Siniawa was 11 years old when he started his own business. By age 14 and in the 1940’s, he was making about $1400 a month. From rubbish pickup to Christmas Trees to landscaping and real estate, meet the man who figured it out before most of us started to drive; Daniel Siniawa of Siniawa & Associates in Lackawanna County.


After years of living in hotels and airports to meet with clients of his employer, Jon Craighead and wife Beth settled in northeast Pennsylvania to create their own business. Offering the services and skills they honed over many years and many miles, Craighead Associates professionally coaches managers and consults with companies to improve the workplace. Hear how the Craigheads’ faith in people and passion for leadership have led them to fulfill their dream.

John Metz and Karen Tomaine & Scott Stiner

Premieres Wednesday, Jan. 12, 2011 on WVIA-TV

Encore Presentations: Thurs., Jan. 13 at 10pm on WVIA-TV & Sun., Jan. 16 at 4pm on WVIA-TV

He started from very humble beginnings, but John Metz is a survivor. He discovered his love of food service while working in various kitchen positions. Then came the Army where John learned management systems and sensed he’d found his calling. Today, Metz & Associates owns Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse, Wolfgang Puck, Lucky’s Sporthouse, Krispy Kreme Donuts and numerous TGI Friday’s restaurants. John Metz is a humble man grateful for good fortune; a risk taker, hard worker and crediting his success to respect for others and his family.

Electric deregulation, fresh ideas and a flair for computer software led Scott Stiner and Karen Tomaine to create their own business showing companies ways to save big money on their electric utilities. But they thought Taylor Consulting and Contracting would be a “nice” little business that would keep Karen at home and reasonably comfortable. Then everything changed and their business exploded.

Blaise Alexander and John Walker

Premieres Wednesday, Jan. 19, 2011 on WVIA-TV

Encore Presentations: Thurs., Jan. 20 at 10pm on WVIA-TV & Sun., Jan. 23 at 4pm on WVIA-TV

Raised in Centralia, Blaise Alexander always wanted to be a Chevy dealer, but all he had was a dream, a willingness to work very hard and a mentor who asked for ten years to get him ready. Today there are 10 Blaise Alexander dealerships. He also found personal strength that saw him through the loss of his son and wife. Today he lives on the farm he and his wife dreamed of sharing. Humble, grateful and generous, Blaise believes sharing with those who run his businesses is how to succeed.


As soon as John Walker was old enough to drive, his father would insist he rush home from school to make business deliveries. RJ Walker Plumbing, Heating and Cooling Supplies, is a wholesale supply company started in 1954. In 1979 when their father died, John and his brother Bob stepped in to carry on the legacy. Hear about the risks and sacrifices that grew the business into a large distribution company with eight locations and the largest inventory in NEPA.

Jerry Preschutti and Earl Foura

Premieres Wednesday, Jan. 26, 2011 on WVIA-TV

Encore Presentations: Thurs., Jan. 27 at 10pm on WVIA-TV & Sun., Jan. 30 at 4pm on WVIA-TV

Meet a former high school teacher, principal and coach who started a business that decades later continues touching young lives in fourteen states. Jerry Preschutti has always loved motivating and mentoring boys and girls into men and women through academics and sports. As CEO of JP Sports Traditions, operating Pine Forest Football and Cheerleading camps in NEPA, his sons now work with Dad to honor tradition and produce results. Jerry’s countless protégés hail from across the country, but you’ll meet one from this area in our interview.


Ask anyone what’s in the town called Elysburg and they’ll say Knoebels Amusement Resort. Ask the Knoebel family who printed their tickets for almost a century, and you’ll discover National Ticket Company. They’ve made billions of tickets that opened doors and gates from Broadway to Europe. National Ticket Company started 103 years ago and in still owned by the founding family. Meet the man in charge, President Earl Foura.

Richard and Deborah Connor

Premieres Wednesday, Feb. 2, 2011 on WVIA-TV

Encore Presentations: Thurs., Feb. 3 at 10pm on WVIA-TV & Sun., Feb. 6 at 4pm on WVIA-TV

You’ll rarely meet two more different but highly compatible business and marriage partners than Rich and Deborah Connor. He’s a rare combination of passionate journalist and pragmatic businessman. She traveled internationally, speaks several languages and achieved major success in business all before meeting her husband. Today they own and operate newspapers in Pennsylvania and Maine, balancing their family and professional responsibilities while living life to the fullest.

Jack and Frank Conyngham

Premieres Wednesday, Feb. 9, 2011 on WVIA-TV

Encore Presentations: Thurs., Feb 10 at 10pm on WVIA-TV & Sun., Feb. 13 at 4pm on WVIA-TV

Jack Conyngham and his nephew Frank Conyngham don’t care to be called regional royalty, but in Benjamin Franklin’s time the family started in Philadelphia shipping and became lawyers and judges. One day a Conyngham rode the stagecoach to northeast Pennsylvania and a fortune in coal mining and real estate followed. Centuries of photographs, letters and memories have been preserved and beautiful land they once owned for farming has become a non-profit 412-acre classroom without walls called The Lands at Hillside Farms.






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